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IRS Officers, Accused By CBI Of Corruption, Appointed Chief Commissioners Of Income-tax

According to a press report, two IRS Officers, who are accused by the CBI in a FIR of having received bribes of Rs. 5 crore each from a company named Sterling Biotech, have been empaneled as Chief Commissioners of Income-tax. Both officers have been interrogated by the CBI and the investigation is still going on. Citizens have expressed shock as to how such allegedly tainted officials have been appointed to high positions of power and influence.

Text of press report in the Daily Pioneer:

In what could blow up into a major controversy, the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) on November 30 empanelled two ‘tainted’ IRS officers as Chief Commissioners of Income Tax. Among the 38 empanelled officers, Sunil Kumar Ojha and Manas Shankar Roy are accused number one and three in the CBI’s FIR for accepting crores of rupees as bribe from a Vadodara-based company, Sterling Biotech of the Sandesara Group.

The 11-page FIR registered by the CBI in Delhi details the bribes accepted by these officers who are currently Principal Income Tax Commissioners. First accused Sunil Kumar Ojha is now Principal Income Tax Commissioner of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh and third accused Manas Shankar Ray is Principal Income Tax Commissioner of Ahmadabad. As per the CBI’s FIR, these two officers along with another Income Tax Commissioner, Subhash Chandra, currently posted in Thane region, regularly accepted money from the Sterling Biotech group companies.

According to the FIR, these officers accepted more than five crores each from the company in 2011 itself. Some payments were also made through demand drafts in the name of their family members. CBI’s FIR is based on the findings of a sensational diary recovered from the company headquarters listing many Income Tax, police, IAS officers, and politicians who were on the payroll of the company. In October, the CBI also registered a second FIR against this Vadodara-based group for cheating banks of over Rs 5,000 crore.

A senior official pointed out that as and when the CBI registers FIR under criminal charges and Prevention of Corruption Act, within a week the Chief Vigilance Officer of the concerned department would be intimated. The information is recorded in the Vigilance Clearance as also in the Annual Confidential Report (ACR). The two reports are mandatorily considered for promotion and empanelment.

In April 2016, the Central Government introduced a new appraisal system called ‘360 Degree Performance Appraisal System’ for considering promotion of Joint Secretary and above level officers. As per the new system, apart from ACR, the DoPT will also consider even private complaints, reports and information about the officer listed for empanelment. It is baffling how despite such strict scrutiny mechanisms under the new appraisal system, two officers charged under PC Act were empanelled as Chief Commissioners of Income Tax.

Both these officers have already been interrogated by the CBI and the investigation is still going on. According to the CBI’s FIR, these officers even accepted payments through banking transactions and Demand Drafts from the company. Records show that in many cases payments were made to them on direct approval of the company promoters Nitin J Sandesara and Chetan Sandesara.

8 comments on “IRS Officers, Accused By CBI Of Corruption, Appointed Chief Commissioners Of Income-tax
  1. D. Srivastava says:

    BJP came in ruling since 2014. Our PM speaks lot about black money and corruption. However, there is not a single step against bureaucrats, who in fact possess highest volume of corruption and black money. All steps are against businessmen only. Our PM even could not introduce “Accountability” on these bureaucrats. So happening of this is not a surprise and it will happen again and again.


    Why many of tax officers so casually raises doubts against busienssman and make comments like bogus purchase, bogus claim, bogus capital, bogus exemptions … etc. and make additions and raises demand?

    Why IT department does not search its own officers who have ammassed large money and properties by illegally taking bribes from public – not for giving any relief but only for not harrassing them.

  3. VP Gupta says:

    As per my understanding as per law / procedure in force even CBI is not entitled to file FIR against any central government employee unless approved by Central Govt. what action can be expected in this scenario.
    So corruption will go on if this position continue.

  4. V.V.RAMANA Rao says:

    Does the same dairy contain the name of shri Asthana who is recently appointed as Special Director?

  5. i think very Modi government planted these men to give periodical funds to BJP else so blatant how things could happen is anybody’s guess.

    I know Modi wants BJP wants to capture power though it appears to be falling like autumnal leaves, yet BJP is no very clean party as such, for democracy is cleanly washed by rich and wealthy men if not how saras could pay so much big funds to so many in government in Gujarat, AP, and Maharashtra?

    i think today in the name of democracy some plutocracy seems working.

  6. Varaprasad Daitha says:

    This is the state of affairs in the cabinet. The CBDT can easily hoodwink the bosses with untrue reports and tbe PMO suo motu closes any grievance petition filed before it. The functioning of PMO also responsible for such atrocities. God alone can save this country.

  7. S PRAKASH says:


  8. K.VASANTKUMAR says:

    Though I do not support the action of the Government, I have one question which I share. Is it that only politicians are entitled to hold high offices even when they are facing charges before court of law in criminal cases. A civil servant on the contrary is deprived of such an opportunity once a charge sheet is filed in criminal case. A politician if in power could influence the witnesses in the criminal case but a civil servant may not have that much power as the Government would put him in such a place where he cannot use any power but only draw salary.

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