“Habitually Corrupt” IRS Officer & 90-Year Old Mum Sentenced To 7-Years RI For Corruption

An IRS Officer, who attained notoriety for being “habitually corrupt“, has been found guilty and sentenced to 7-years of rigorous imprisonment. His 90-year old mother, who was his accomplice in the crime, has also been found guilty. His property has also been confiscated

7 years of rigorous imprisonment for corruption

The court of CBI special judge Sujata Singh sentenced Dr. Swetabh Suman, a senior Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, to seven years of rigorous imprisonment in a 14-year-old case pertaining to disproportionate assets, according to a report in the TOI.

Suman has been convicted under sections 11, 13 (2) and 13 (1)(e) of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

The court also sentenced Suman’s 90-year-old mother, Gulab Devi, to a one-year jail term, while his brother-in-law Arun Kumar Singh and his close associate Rajendra Vikram Singh have been awarded a four-year jail term.

All three were convicted under section 109 (punishment for abetment) of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

CBI had registered an FIR against Suman on August 2, 2005 under sections 11 and 13(2) of Prevention of Corruption Act and section 109 of IPC for possession of disproportionate assets in his own name, in the names of his mother and family members and others during the period from April 1, 1997 to March 31, 2004.

In the chargesheet filed on July 23, 2010, CBI alleged that Suman, during his postings at various places, was “leading a luxurious life and had amassed assets worth Rs 3.31 crore, which were 337% more than his known source of income.

Speaking to TOI, prosecution lawyer Satish Kumar said, “CBI conducted searches at 14 places across India, including Dehradun, Noida and Jamshedpur. It was found that the IRS officer had bought several properties in the name of other people.

CBI sources said that Suman had purchased a house on Rajpur Road in Dehradun in his mother’s name, a plot in USHA colony in Dehradun, a plot of land in sector 50 in Noida, a plot inside IRS society in Lucknow and a hotel in Bihar. He had also purchased few acres of agriculture land in Pondha village in Dehradun in the name of different people.

“He bought the 55 bigha land in Pondha in his associate Abhay Kumar Singh’s name and three shops in a commercial complex. Another flat in sector 62 in Noida was also bought by him and a 35-room hotel in Bodhgaya was also found to be in Arun Kumar Singh’s name,” said Satish Kumar.

Confiscation of ill-gotten property

The special CBI court also ordered to confiscate all the properties with a combined worth of over Rs 3.5 crore, according to the prosecution lawyer.

Incidentally, in a separate case, Swetabh Suman had been arrested by CBI sleuths while taking a bribe of Rs 40 lakh in Assam in April 2018. Suman was then posted at Guwahati as commissioner of income tax (audit). He was in jail for over 60 days after which he was granted bail.

There are three more cases pending against him in Dehradun, including one related to removing files with complaints against him from the office of income tax commissioner while he was posted in the city in 2004-05. An FIR was registered against him in Dalanwala police station,” said the CBI lawyer.

In addition, he said that a case is also pending with CBI magistrate court against Suman, related to purchase of a car on a forged ration card.

Tainted officers continue to occupy high posts

The Government continues the practice of appointing officers who are accused of wrong-doing to high posts.

Dr. Swetabh Suman was himself serving as a Commissioner of Income-tax and exercising official powers despite the ongoing cases.

Two IRS Officers named Sunil Kumar Ojha and Manas Shankar Roy are reported to have been appointed Chief Commissioners of Income Tax by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC).

It is alleged that the CBI has filed a FIR against the two officers for accepting crores of rupees as bribe from a company named Sterling Biotech.

It is also alleged that the two officials admitted having received money from the Company (see IRS Officers, Accused By CBI Of Corruption, Appointed Chief Commissioners Of Income-tax)

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  1. P.S.KUNDE says:


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  3. Gangadhar Hegde says:

    Pls also raise you voice till proper actions are begins.,
    1.Loans (of 10 Zeros+) from PSBanks to those are still in india and controlling each business sectors and living most of the time in the Air .
    2.amount of FD in the name of political parties
    3.under which economic formula almost all Politicians networth are multiply year after year even during droughts !
    4.only cleaning up in one section of the soceity does it make india clean !!
    5.which are the known sources of income for all rallies after rallies are organised !
    6.how many itr of Politician/political parties are subject to scrutiny

    Half truth shall never be a truth !!!

  4. Raj says:

    First thins, Money has no colours, caste, creed, to that extent India is Secular.

    Second it seems not all IRS r not equal. There are clean hands, but only thing is the system do not portray. They are posted to desk work, separated and forced to do what they dont like.

  5. Manish Parekh says:

    Sentenced after 14-15 years when it was crystal clear from the fact of the crores of properties acquired from unmatched source of income ( Only Salary !!!). Yet Happy to hear this. Benami Properties Act is the answer to this kind of corrupted bureaucrats in various department provided the same is implemented in the right spirit. Politicians, bureaucrats & “other” elements are the ones who has been making merry in India for past 70 years

  6. Mahendra says:

    Pl excuse for blaming one particular state. If Suman belongs to Madhya Pradesh because it has been observed that officers from this State are hardcore corrupt officials. I personally know at least 10 such Govt officers who are such a hardcore officers.

  7. bheru baba goonda says:

    Entire IRS loby can contribute 50% of defence budget. IRS means earnig minimum of RS 10.00 crores per year and in some cases may be even more. Entire gang is corrupt WE do not hac eeven a single honest IRS. This might hav ebben caught as he did not share his loot. Loot and share, you do not have any problem at all. The biggest black money holder and tax evaders are IRS lobby. We need surgical strike on this entire gang and perhaps best ise of Prithvi misile will be use against all IRS s at Rajghat an dkill them en masseee. They are far worse than terrorists an devils.

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