CBDT (Again) Takes Stern View Over Delay In Filing SLP In Supreme Court

Pursuant to the strictures passed by the Supreme Court in DIT vs. Citibank N.A. over the delay in filing SLPs, the CBDT has issued a letter dated 04.02.2013 in which it has pointed out that even after conveying the concern of the Board over the inordinate delay in receiving SLP proposals, about 50% of the proposals are received late. The Board has now directed that in cases where the SLP proposals are sent late, the CCIT/DGIT should fix responsibility for the delay and the name of the officer(s) concerned should be specified in the proposal itself.

One comment on “CBDT (Again) Takes Stern View Over Delay In Filing SLP In Supreme Court
  1. CA Goutam Baid says:

    The time of the officials of the department is engaged in the making various reports etc. to higher authorities. Majorities of the reports are with reference to data which are available in the computer database and if properly used reports can be generated with the help of computer program by the computer centre or the officer to whom such report is to be submitted may generate the report themselves. In this manner wastage of the resources can be prevented. Further if the report generated requires any specific feedback same can be sought from the official concerned.

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