Anonymous Complaints’ Enquiry Committee formed

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal Bar Association, Mumbai


19th September, 2008

Our Association is in receipt of an anonymous letter alleging that the persons named therein have indulged in certain malpractices in connection with some appeals before the Honourable Tribunal. This is not the first time that we have received such a letter. For obvious reasons, the Association cannot take any action based upon such communications, particularly when the same do not contain the relevant details.

However, it is possible that a person may have a genuine issue to raise or a genuine complaint but may hesitate to come forward for a variety of reasons. Appreciating this position, the Managing Committee has decided to constitute a Committee of 3 persons whose integrity is beyond question.

Any person wanting to raise a genuine issue or to make a genuine complaint can directly approach any member of this Committee. The identity of the complainant shall not be disclosed without the consent of the complainant.

On being approached, the Committee will look into the matter. The complainant may be called for a discussion as also to produce any evidence, whether circumstantial or otherwise, which the complainant may have. After this, if the Committee is of the opinion that the matter merits action, they shall bring up the issue before the Managing Committee without disclosing the identity of the complainant, unless the person permits otherwise. The Managing Committee shall then decide the course of action to be adopted in the matter.

The Committee shall presently comprise of:

1. Mr. S E Dastur, Sr. Advocate
2. Mr P N Shah. FCA and
3. Mr S N lnamdar. Advocate

The contact details of the Committee Members are as follows:

1. Mr. S E Dastur. Sr. Advocate
Kakad House, Ist floor,
II-A, New Marine Lines,
Mumbai 400 020.

Tel: 22006643, 22007470
Fax: 22036723

2. Mr. P N Shah, FCA
M/s. Shah & Co.
Maker Bhavan No.2,
18, New Marine Lines,
Mumbai 400 020.

Tel: 66333558, 66333559
Fax: 66333561

3. Mr. S N Inamdar. Advocate
A Wing, 11/13, Botawala Building,
3rd floor, Horniman Circle, Fort,
Mumbai 400 001.

Tel: 22661981
Fax: 22660304

For ITAT Bar Association
Hiro Rai & Vipul Joshi
Honorary Secretaries

One comment on “Anonymous Complaints’ Enquiry Committee formed
  1. G.Urmila Devi says:

    I.G urmila devi given complaints against Public servent , he wildly violated his conduct rules , wildly misused power for his personal beenfits.I secnt my complaint 960 pagaes and 165 two times. How I come to know the action is going towards my complaints. In Teelangana Hyderbad VC also I gave same complaints. Pl let me knw how I come to know tthe action taing by CVC or Vc . Thanking you. further information kindly see link opnwXF and JxRCuf with regards urmila 9429940632.

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