CBDT Launches Manhunt To Locate ‘Absconding’ IRS Officers

The CBDT has made the surprising announcement that a number of high-level IRS and Group A service officers are presently “absconding” or are on “unauthorized leave”. A high-level committee has been formed to locate these officers.

However, why any IRS officer in his right mind would want to abscond and forego the immense privileges and perquisites that he enjoys at the cost of the exchequer will require to be separately probed.

F. No. ADG (Exams)/Comm/2017-18
Directorate General of Administration & TPS
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Date: 20.03.2017


1. A Committee is being constituted to carry out a one time count of all the officers working in the Income tax organization and identify such of those Group A officers as are presently on unauthorized leave or are absconding. The Committee will comprise the following officers:-

Sl. No. Name and Post Designation

1. Manoj Joshi; ADG (Exams) Chairman
2. Shalini Verma; Addl. CIT (HRD) Member
3. Ankush Kapoor; Jt. CIT (DBC) Member

2. The Committee will analyze the records of all the IRS officers currently in service and identify the IRS officers who are absconding or are on unauthorized leave. The Committee is authorized to obtain information/certificate from controlling officers regarding any IRS officer prima facie found to be absconding or on unauthorized leave to ascertain whether such officers are still in service and/or on authorized leave and what action has been initiated against these The Committee shall submit its report containing details of all the IRS officers who are either absconding or on unauthorized leave to the Member (P&V) within 2 months of the issue of this order. All field formations and other functionaries of the Income tax organization are requested to extend their full cooperation to this Committee so as to facilitate completion of their work within the allocated time.

3. The Cadre Controlling Authorities sh all conduct similar exercise in respect of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ The Committee referred to in para 1 above shall obtain information from all the Cadre Controlling Authorities and submit it to the Board.

4. This issues with the approval of Member (P&V), CBDT

5. Hindi version of this order will follow.

(Priyanka Durbey)
DDIT (Exams)

One comment on “CBDT Launches Manhunt To Locate ‘Absconding’ IRS Officers
  1. Varaprasad Daitha says:

    Persons in lucrative posts do not abscond normally. It appears that some of the IRS officers are habituated to travel by AIR on benami names. If some thing happens they could not report to duty. Once an IRS officer requested to book flight ticket in benami name, I expressed the possibilities of misshaping and consequent injustice to his family members. Because he was enough he stopped such practices.

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