CBDT Order For Transfer And Posting Of Addl/ Joint CsIT

The CBDT has vide Order No. 82 of 2015 dated 12th June 2015 ordered the transfer and posting of several officers in the grade of Additional/ Joint Commissioner of Income Tax with immediate effect and until further orders.

2 comments on “CBDT Order For Transfer And Posting Of Addl/ Joint CsIT
  1. bhaskaran says:

    Two comments : Why should the Annual General Transfer orders get dragged upto the middle of June by which time schools and colleges are all open? Why the difficulties of the Officers due to delay in annual transfers, almost every year, are not addressed by the CBDT?

    This year too, the annual transfers have resulted in mass transfers out of Tamil Nadu – 13 go out, 4 come in. Why Tamil Nadu is always left starving for Officers at the higher level? This has an indirect adverse effect on the tax payers here because their claims get delayed due to heavy work on the remaining Officers.

  2. A.P.Singh says:


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