CBDT To AOs: Respect Taxpayer’s Time And Don’t Make Them Wait

The CBDT has issued an Office Memorandum dated 22.08.2014 in which it has pointed out that some AO’s issue notices to taxpayers/ witnesses/ representatives etc. indicating a standard time of appointment. Thus, many persons called for hearing etc on a day by an officer are given the same time for appearance and the persons are made to wait for their turn. It is pointed out that such actions, apart from causing avoidable inconvenience to the taxpayers/ witnesses/ representatives etc cause great embarrassment to the Government. All officers have been advised to strictly maintain the appointment schedule in spirit with the Citizen’s Charter, 2014 of the Department which specifically provides that the Department shall endeavour “to adhere to the schedule of appointments with taxpayers”. All Supervisory officers, i.e. the CCsIT, CsIT and the Addl. CsIT have been requested to ensure that officers reporting to them strictly comply with this instruction and avoid fixing multiple appointments at the same time. Instances of disregard to these instructions may be viewed seriously, it is added.

  CBDT's Office Memorandum dated 22.08.2014 (15.7 KiB, 1,379 hits)

7 comments on “CBDT To AOs: Respect Taxpayer’s Time And Don’t Make Them Wait
  1. Surendra Mehta, Advocate, Jodhpur says:

    Let us hope for faithfully compliance by the Assessing Officers.

  2. ramakrishnan says:

    let us talk positive aspect of this

    When we are made to wait etc we have to send mails to top officials – highest level of course – with all details

    we complain but do not escalate due to our busy schedule

  3. parantap chandurkar says:

    Such instructions are issued without consequence. Let the CBDT show one case where the officers in similar cases were punished any time in the past.

  4. A C Gosalia says:

    Many times We are told that AO is called in for meeting with superior officers which also results in collosal waste of time of assessees & their representative . Thus the meeting procedure also needs to be properly addressed so that assessees & their representative times are respected

  5. T.K. Singhal & Associates, CAs says:

    Such Sermons have gone unheeded by Thick Skinned Revenue Officers !!!

  6. NGS Rao says:

    Earlier, the Assessee/Representative were provided with visitors book by each AO to mention there at
    the purpose of their visit purpose. Now it seems it is totally given away. Better it is restored

    ngs rao

  7. vswami says:


    The directive of the CBDT is a commendable and noteworthy step taken in recognition of the utmost need long outstanding by way of measures aimed at the concept of ‘time management’; more so in the extremely difficult and testing times for one and all concerned, not merely the taxpayers but also the practicing professionals, and on the flip side,the tax officers themselves. It is high time that like measures are seriously thought of, and strictly imposed , monitored and enforced, equally n respect of every other authority- the appellate, quasi judicial as well as judicial authorities. If closely considered, it will be realized to thereby paving the way for administration and adjudication of the tax laws much better, both qualitatively. and quantitatively.

    Further, the law ministry would do well to, in divising appropriate measures, also try and take maximum advantage of the modern technologies copiously available at its option and disposal. In working towards that end, the age old system of personal hearings could be gradually shunted out and dispensed with; of course, to the extent possible and regarded desirable,- to be replaced by a new system, that has come to be suggested oft and on, – written representation. For, after all, it might prove a step in the right direction having regard to the commonly observed and accepted fact of life; to be precise, the human faculty of perception, with eyes, could be more safe/reliance proof, than the faculty of hearing with ears.

    May be, the well considered views of experts in, among others, the more related/connected medical fields might be solicited and obtained by the men in governance, before making a positive move in the instantly suggested direction.

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