CBDT To Supervise And Monitor S. 264 Revision Orders Of CIT

S. 264 of the Income-tax Act permits the assessee to make an application to the CIT for revision of orders passed by the AO. The CBDT has issued Instruction No. 11/2014 dated 16.05.2014 stating that there shall be administrative supervision of such revision orders passed by the CIT u/s 264. Guidelines have been laid down which have to be complied with by the CIT.

One comment on “CBDT To Supervise And Monitor S. 264 Revision Orders Of CIT
  1. Devendra Mehta says:

    It is foolish on the part of the Board to take such a retrograde step. Due to interference, the board has already killed the institution of CIT (Appeals) and now they want to repeat their mistake in the case of CITs also. Any organisation which does not believe in the competence of its human resource and their integrity, will soon disintegrate. The board should take action on hundreds of problems being encountered by the tax payers and resolve their grievances and not frittering its energy on such wasteful monitoring.

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