Chief CIT Accuses CBDT Chief Of Pressure To Bury ‘Sensitive Case’

Alka Tyagi Chief CITAccording to press reports, Ms. Alka Tyagi, the Chief Commissioner of Income-tax, Mumbai, has written a complaint to the Finance Minister alleging that Shri. P. C. Mody, the Chairman of the CBDT, gave her a “shocking directive” to bury a “sensitive case“.

Alka Tyagi, an IRS officer of the 1984 batch, has also alleged that an old vigilance case against her, which Mody had himself later disposed of and in which she was given an all-clear, was recalled by Mody and is being used as a “weapon of blackmail” to stall her posting.

According to another press report, Alka Tyagi handled several high-profile assessment cases. Some of them are the Deepak Kochhar – ICICI Bank case, the Jet Airways tax evasion schemes case, and tax notices sent to Mukesh Ambani’s wife and children for undeclared foreign assets.

6 comments on “Chief CIT Accuses CBDT Chief Of Pressure To Bury ‘Sensitive Case’
  1. Bobjee kurien says:

    Alka is A very outspoken person
    She is a no nonsense officer
    FM should re look

  2. S K Singal says:

    Let us hope our FM would take cognizance without much delay ?

  3. Bobjee Kurien says:

    Washing linen in public should be avoided
    Especially Amongst bureaucrats
    The CBDT Chairman cannot issue instruction to the subordinates which are not permitted
    It takes a lot of moral courage to stand upto bosses

  4. Gangadhar Hegde says:

    “AndaaKanoon ”
    even when we have ONE Constitution of india in application of these law we clearly have one for rich and onemore rigid for the less rich or poor accross india !!!
    merabharat mahan not for above reason/s but the less rich or norich indians are still powerfull in maintaining/running great india.,

  5. s prakash says:

    It seems the Chairman has exceeded his powers granted under the IT Act. Being the Chief Commissioner it is difficult to talk against the Board Chairman? The idea of extending the services of the Board Chairman is not known? Is it because the right person for the post of the Chairman is not available in the IRS ? If the direct recruitment is made for this post can you please imagine the list of applicants?

    • Bobjee Kurien says:

      I am of the opinion this post should go to a outsider
      The IRS is not able to get out of the IT mode
      They see a snake in every hole

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