Finance Ministry Directive: No Extension Of Due Date For Filing ROI Due On 30.09.2015

The Ministry of Finance has issued a press release dated 09.09.2015 stating that there will be no extension of the date for filing of returns due by 30th September for Assessment Year 2015-16. The Ministry has advised taxpayers to file their returns well in time to avoid last minute rush

Income-tax returns for Assessment Year 2015-16 for certain categories of assessees viz companies, firms and individuals engaged in proprietary business/profession etc whose accounts are required to be audited, are to be filed by 30th September, 2015. The audit report is also required to be filed by the said date.

The Government has received representations from various stakeholders seeking extension of date for filing of returns and tax audit reports beyond 30th September 2015. The reasons cited are delay in notifying the returns and related delay in availability of forms on the e-filing website.

The matter has been considered. Income-Tax Returns Forms 3,4,5,6 and 7 which are used by the above mentioned categories of assessees were notified for Assessment Year 2015-16 on 29.07.2015. The forms were e-enabled and were available on the e-filing website of the Department from 7th August 2015 giving enough time for compliance. The changes made to these forms are not extensive as compared to the earlier years. Further taxpayers entering into either international transactions or specified domestic transactions are required to file their returns by 30th November 2015 only.

After consideration of all facts, it has been decided that the last date for filing of returns due by 30th September 2015 will not be extended. Taxpayers are advised to file their returns well in time to avoid last minute rush.

4 comments on “Finance Ministry Directive: No Extension Of Due Date For Filing ROI Due On 30.09.2015
  1. Rajesh Bhardwaj says:

    Though I agree with the substance and thrust of Shri Jaimin Deliwala that returns should be available from 1st April of the relevant assessment year as in the paper era before e-filing came into existence I do not agree with the harsh language ( “idiots”) used by him against some of the brightest and finest officers the department has but maybe they are caught in bureaucratic web taking approvals etc which delays the placing of return forms on website. They should take the suggestions of Shri Deliwala in right spirit and department should not have an adversarial approach in such matters and as delay has admittedly taken place the date of filing of returns can be extended by a month or two to accommodate the tax payers who are an important stakeholders. However, it should be ensured by the department that return forms for AY-2016-17 are put up on website by 1st April, 2016 by starting the process in CBDT early and taking necessary approvals well in time. Maybe necessary instructions from the Hon. FM who has a very positive and practical approach should sort out this matter at the earliest (instead of on the last date of filing of returns !) by extending the date for filing for the current year and next years return forms to be put up on website by first of April .

  2. Jaimin Deliwala says:

    This is utterly ridiculous. From the time, e-filing has been made mandatory, we are facing one or other problem from department. In earlier period, when the filing was physical, it was possible for the assessee to file the return from the April month onward. I.E. from beginning of the assessment year. Almost 90 days or 120 days or 180 days as the case may be, were available to the assessee to file the return. Now when this e-filing system is introduced, CBDT bureaucrats are holding the people to ransom. Arbitrarily and arrogantly announcing the availability of ITR at their own free will and whims, effectively reducing the time to file the ITRs and other reports to great extent. Thus putting the general public to great inconvenience. They are expecting the honest and ordinary citizens to bear the brunt of their lethargy and idiocy. It is the duty of CBDT to make available on website the ITRs and other forms from 1st April onward.

    One fails to understand, how this highly paid “Babus” work, when we are claiming that we have the best “techies” available in the world and they are unable to put out the ITRs on 1st April itself. It is
    the audacity and imperiousness that baffles the ordinary citizen when it is informed that they have done “great service” by providing ITRs and other Forms from July/August. Forgetting that they had effectively curtailed the filing time by more than 120 days.
    This is utterly disgusting state of affairs prevailing in the country. It is disgusting to see, that 5 or 6 idiots sitting in CBDT/Finance Ministry are making the life of honest taxpayers miserable. (I am pretty sure that from entire FM bureaucracy not more than 5 people were involved in making the decision) While they will sleep merrily, the tax payers and their consultants will have to burn midnight oil to adhere to their whims and fancy.

    Surely for general public ” Acche Din” are here.


    first of all the provisions introduced during the year in case of depreciation were so confusing that it required lot of time to understand and prepare the dep. schedule as per the co. law
    also other provisions of the company law hs made the finalisation of the accounts difficult
    in view of the above facts we say that the date should ave been extended and in future amendments should be brought to exempt pvt. ltd. cos and small companies from the co. law provisions so that the accounts can be finalsed in time

  4. R. Ramamurthy says:

    The State of Karnataka is facing sever power problem. Now, the businessmen and the professionals are depending only on supply of power for day to day business/professional activities and are depending on computers. Power cut varies from place to place in the City of Bangalore. It is not becoming possible to transmit what has been prepared from One area to another area of City, since when there is power at one place, there will not be power in another place. Every time, it is also not possible to copy the prepared information in pen drive or such other storing units. Due to traffic hazards, it is also not easy to commute. In so far as the State of Karnataka, it is necessary to extend the due date for filing return of income in those cases, where the returns are due on 30th September to 31st October in the interest of justice.

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