Govt To Remove “Dead Wood” Babus To Prevent “Peter Principle”

The Government of India has issued a letter dated 28.06.2012 by which a detailed scheme for removal of “dead wood” amongst government servants has been formulated. The letter points out that a few members of the All-India Services do become mere passengers in their post. They become either stale or listless; they do not exhibit any creativity or innovativeness; and they do not achieve results. This results in the operation of the “Peter Principle” (every man rises to the level of his incompetence from where he can go no higher) and one must guard against this says the letter. The scheme provides for the identification and compulsory retirement of such employees so that the cost to the exchequer is saved.

One comment on “Govt To Remove “Dead Wood” Babus To Prevent “Peter Principle”
  1. vswami says:

    The reported government letter purporting to deal with norms for compulsory retirement of ‘public servants’ is, it appears, not squarely based on or has something to do only with the ‘Peter Principle’. For knowing more intimately, or to understand somewhat better, if not fully, stop not but keep reading e.g. HERE>

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