Important CBDT Directive On Applicability Of MAT To Foreign Cos And FIIs

The CBDT has issued a letter dated 11th May 2015 on the issue of “Imposition of Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) on foreign companies particularly FIIs“. The CBDT has stated that in the light of the constitution of the Justice A. P. Shah Committee to look into the issue of applicability of MAT and the statement made by the Finance Minister on the issue in the Rajya Sabha, no coercive action should be taken for recovery of demand already raised. It is also stated that issue of fresh notices for reopening of cases and completion of assessment should also be put on hold unless the case is getting barred by limitation.

2 comments on “Important CBDT Directive On Applicability Of MAT To Foreign Cos And FIIs
  1. Hiren says:

    Absolutely true….our government seems to have become slave of FIIs…

  2. MRK Gandhi says:

    Our Government is very sensitive with foreign investor grievances, why? If our government can create proper environment our domestic funds lying dormant will come to surface and do good for the country. Today even the middle class has substantial funds. If government can give concessions and regulate from stock markets from scams, there over whelming response. Let not our government go after artificial GDP ; but concentrate on agriculture and land growth. Can we not learn from Israel.

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