Income-tax Department To Use Rs. 80 crores To Increase “Efficiency”

The Directorate of Income-tax has informed vide letter dated 27.08.2012 that the Finance Minister has approved utilization of 1% incremental revenue earned during F.Y. 2009-10 amounting to Rs, 80.63 crore. The amount has to be utilized for enhancing organizational efficiency, infrastructure and wherewithal. The Officers have been requested to forward their suggestions for utilization of the funds by 15th September, 2012. It has been clarified that the funds will be used for schemes that result in enhancing organizational efficiency, infrastructure and wherewithal of Income Tax Department and not for welfare schemes of employees.

It may be recalled that there is an “Award Scheme for Assessing Officers” being formulated.

2 comments on “Income-tax Department To Use Rs. 80 crores To Increase “Efficiency”
  1. This step has certainly been taken in right direction. The new funds will not only help in strengthening the organizational structure of Income Tax Department, but will also enable them to better spread their operations in terms of more officers, etc. helping them to carry out their functions seamlessly.

  2. If IT dept has to become more efficient then directorate of income tax should take steps to curb corruptions. No doubt there are some hard working honest officers who should receive due appreciation for their work in terms of rewards, promotions and postings then automatically dept will work better. Also investing in infrasturcture is a good idea and should definately help in making IT dept more accessible to common man.

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