Law Ministry Seeks Judges For Appointment As ITAT President

The Ministry of Law & Justice has issued a letter dated 29.08.2013 to the Registrar Generals of the High Courts requesting that the names and other prescribed particulars of sitting and retired Judges who are willing to be appointed as President of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal be forwarded for the consideration of the Selection Committee.

With this move, the Ministry has taken steps to redress the grievance addressed by the ITAT Bar Association here, here, here and here

2 comments on “Law Ministry Seeks Judges For Appointment As ITAT President
  1. anyway good initiative sir

  2. S S G says:

    Thank you; nobody doubts Law Minister’s abilities but the concern was whether ITAT is in his priorities at all.

    With the help of the efforts of the bar associations in Mumbai and New Delhi, the Tribunal is finally seems to be getting the due attention. Lets hope Hon’ble Minister bestows his personal attention to the ITAT matters so as to save this great institution from further damage.

    Thank you once again.

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