Video Guide On The Law On Reopening Of Assessments U/s 147 & 148

Advocate Sashank Dundu has explained the measures to be taken when an assessee receives a notice u/s 148 from the Assessing Officer seeking to reopen the assessment. He has cited all the relevant and important case laws on the subject. The guide will prove invaluable to all taxpayers and tax professionals.

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7 comments on “Video Guide On The Law On Reopening Of Assessments U/s 147 & 148
  1. A. S. Shah says:

    Very informative lecture sir. I am currently using the information provided in this video. Please keep up the good work. Hope you come out with a book soon for laymen like me.

  2. anant pai says:

    good one, shashank

  3. Prof.Dr. P. Daniel says:

    i have gone through the Video and it was a fine effort and the purpose of the Video has been achieved. I do recommend this Video for tax payers and tax practitioners alike.

  4. ramji rao says:

    Well done young man. Very useful and informative

  5. M.Natarajan says:

    As per the Video approval from CIT has to be taken if the 148 notice is issued after 4 years. Kindly let me know the income tax provision for the same

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