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Minutes Of Meeting Held With Hon’ble President Of The Tribunal On 14.12.2012

Minutes of the meeting held on 14th December 2012 with the representatives of the ITAT Bar Association, Mumbai.





Constitution for subsequent 2 weeks may be intimated on or before Wednesday of earlier week.



Cases where the representative is not present may not be disposed off ex parte. Such matters may be taken up at the end of the Cause list.



Currently the date of hearing is intimated in the acknowledgment itself. If the assessee is not represented on that day, one notice may be sent.



If the assessee makes application for an adjournment well in advance i.e. at least 15 days in advance, the same may be considered and disposed off without insisting upon presence of the party or representative in the Court on the date of the hearing.



In case a matter fixed before a Special Bench is likely to go on and the Members sitting on the Special Bench are also to sit on a regular Bench, the matters before the regular Bench may be adjourned by 11.30 am

Accepted, will try to implement


If the Bench feels that a particular matter may take a long time, other matters may be adjourned, by giving specific date.

Accepted. The discretion is with the Bench.


All matters adjourned due to non functioning of benches may be adjourned to a specific date instead of giving two different dates.



When a matter is fixed for a particular day, the matter may not be preponed unless a specific request is made by the parties concerned      


(H.L. Karwa)
Mumbai. Dated 18th December, 2012
Copy to:

1. All Members of ITAT
2. Assistant Registrars of ITAT
3. ITAT Bar Association, Mumbai

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