Month: November 2015

Hon’ble Justice T. S. Thakur, who has been nominated as the Chief Justice of India, has a very soft-spoken, polite and patient demeanour. He is, however, also firm in his approach. He is much respected by the Bar and the litigants. The ITAT Bar Association had the privilege of interacting with the learned Judge during one of his visits to Mumbai. The learned Judge was very impressed to learn of the facilities available in the ITAT Bar Library for the benefit of the professionals and the taxpayers. In particular, he appreciated the fact that the Library has all the books on taxation and general law, including several treatises on foreign taxation law. The learned judge also indicated that he had great admiration for the legal acumen of the late Shri. Nani Palkhivala and his mastery of income-tax law

The Supreme Court has passed an order dated 05.11.2015 in which it has noted that a number of suggestions relating to the Collegium system have already been received. However, as several parties are yet to offer suggestions, the Court has granted time till 17.00 hours on 13.11.2015 to enable everyone to offer suggestions

Vide Order dated 03.11.2015 passed by Hon’ble President, Shri G. D. Agrawal, Hon’ble Vice-President, ITAT, Ahmedabad, has been transferred in the same capacity to ITAT Delhi Benches, in public interest, with effect from 16.11.2015. Shri. G. D. Agrawal holds charge of the Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Jodhpur & Jaipur Benches of the ITAT