Supreme Court Invites Suggestions From Public On Measures To Improve The Collegium System For Appointment Of Judges

The Supreme Court has passed an order dated 05.11.2015 in which it has noted that a number of suggestions relating to the Collegium system have already been received. However, as several parties are yet to offer suggestions, the Court has granted time till 17.00 hours on 13.11.2015 to enable everyone to offer suggestions.

Pursuant to the directions of the Court, the Department of Justice has put in place a mechanism for this purpose. The suggestions which have already been offered have been neatly classified four categories, being Transperency, Collegium Secretariat, Eligibility Criteria and Complaints.

All fresh suggestions are required to be made in one of the four categories stated above. The Department of Justice has also set out the email address to which the said suggestions are required to be sent.

It may be noted that the AIFTP has already filed comprehensive suggestions in the matter. Further, the AIFTP was duly represented by Counsel during the hearing of the matter by the Supreme Court.

Department of Justice
Ministry of Law and Justice

Public Notice

As per the direction of the Supreme Court of India vide order dated November 5, 2015 in the matter of Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association and Anr. Versus Union of India (WV Petition (s) (Civil) No(s). 13/2015), a Public Notice is hereby issued seeking suggestion from all those who may desire to make contribution for improving the working of Collegium System for appointment as Judges of High Courts and Supreme Court. A copy of the order of the Supreme Court is available on the website of Department of Justice ( The suggestions are invited from the public on or before 1700 hours on 13/11/2015. Suggestions may be made in the four categories i.e. Transparency, Collegium Secretariat, Eligibility Criteria and Complaints. Reference may be made to the suggestions already hosted on the above website.


2 comments on “Supreme Court Invites Suggestions From Public On Measures To Improve The Collegium System For Appointment Of Judges
  1. good attempt. every work of man needs review that review alone sharpens, after all we are an evolving community on earth after all every prescription has its own limitation and that means development and improvement that never ever stops.

  2. Dipak J Shah says:

    This remids me a breed of present Judiciary. In one case of State Bank of India ATM Charges a PIL was filed by me Number 7736 of 2006. The Then Chief Justice Mr Y R Meena and Justice DA Mehta passed the order that if the correct address is not given within 2 weeks of time Petition stands automatically dismissed??!! On the record of High Court web the case was pending.I also appeared after 2 week on the date Before Justice Mr J M Panchal and other punine and orally stated that the same address is on web. I was told the the order itself is very clear and , since I have not given and new address , automatically stand dismissed. But surprisingly on web till 18.08.2015 the petition was pending !!! Now Hon. Acting Justice Mr Jayant Patel and Justice Mr N V Anjaria High Court of Gujarat passed over again the order on automatically dismissed order in my absence 19.08.2015 !!!! These are new rules and process followed?

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