Advocates, Starved Of Work Due To Lockdown, In Dire Straits, Leave City In Droves

The prolonged lockdown and closure of Courts and Tribunals has had a debilitating impact on lawyers. They have been driven to penury and are forced to travel with migrant labour in a desperate bid to get to their hometowns.

This is revealed in a report in Mumbai Mirror.

The report states that there has been an exodus of thousands of lawyers.

While some walked and hitch-hiked back to their hometowns in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat, many of them took Shramik trains, even accepting 35 kg ration and Rs 1,000 cash on arrival in their states.

RM Mishra, the President of Andheri Bar Association, revealed that around 80 per cent of 2,000 lawyers in the Andheri magistrate court are from other states, and nearly 30 per cent of them have left.

A lawyer named Amit Mishra, practising in the Borivali court, left for his hometown in UP early last month. He hired a car for his family while two of his friends walked till Nashik and then hitchhiked.

We were told everyone would get Rs 2,000 from the government and that the associations were trying to get us financial aid but no money ever came,” Mishra lamented.

Another lawyer named Santosh Pandey, a resident of Mira Road, was also in a sorry state.

I drove all the way back for 36 hours. I do not see the courts fully opening anytime soon,” Pandey was quoted as saying.

Advocate Imrran Farooqui from the Bandra Bar Association pointed out that 40 lawyers from one single extended family have left for their village in UP. He said there are at least 100 more who have left.

While asking for votes everyone comes forward, but where were they when lawyers needed them?” Farooqui demanded to know.

Thankfully, the Bar Association has come to the rescue of the beleaguered lawyers.

Bar president Subhash Ghatge said they were able to provide rations to around 750 lawyers in Mumbai.

Similarly, The Bombay Bar Association has given Rs 5,000 cash to 160 lawyers each and contributed Rs 50,000 towards the medical treatment of one lawyer and Rs 25,000 each for two others.

Lawyers in other States are also getting some relief.

The Government of Telangana credited 10,000 rupees (COVID Relief Aid) into the bank accounts of Advocates of Telangana State.

The J&K Government has offered generous financial relief of Rs 1 crore to the Advocates fraternity across J&K.

2 comments on “Advocates, Starved Of Work Due To Lockdown, In Dire Straits, Leave City In Droves
  1. E S Jagadeeshwar says:

    This is the naked reality. Those who had guaranteed monthly income, enough savings, enough money and food can spend the time during lockdown at their homes but for others don’t have the above will definitely suffer.

    This situation will not come to an end now. This is only the beginning. If the people don’t have money, they cannot pay fees to the Advocates also. On the other hand there is no guaranteed monthly income to each and every practicing Advocate. Majority have to depend on the fees given by the litigants. Like in business concerns Advocates don’t get income everyday.

    Post-Covid-19 situation is very gloomy. Advocates have to change their strategies for their survival.

    How to get guaranteed monthly income? is a big question to Advocates as well as other solo professionals, practicing on their own.

    I think the Govts. have to think in a different way. Those who are suffering with corona have to be kept in isolation or quarantine or sending them to their homes after providing medical treatment for few days. Other healthy people must be allowed to work as usual and they have to take all precautions to prevent corona effect.

    Another alternative is … people have to take steps to detoxify their physical bodies, have to take appropriate food and locally available, traditional medicines to increase immunity.

    None can resist the wrath of Nature. When corona is going to be rooted out completely is not known. Exact tests to identify the corona effect and suitable medicines are also not available. So, medication is depending on guess work. Opinions of experts may vary from expert to expert.

    One thing is true, our lives will be different in future. We have to analyze life during pre-covid-19, during lockdowns, post-covid-19 periods.

    We will have difficult times in future. We must be clearly aware of this truth and have to plan accordingly. Have to take steps to lead decent and comfortable living rather than leading luxurious life. Unwanted travels have to be avoided. Every family has their fixed expenses. Family heads have to meet these expenses, one may have income or not.

    So expenses must be curtailed to the maximum extent. Savings have to be increased. Those who had surplus can think about health insurance, life insurance, have to invest in mutual funds or in share markets to protect the family in future.

    Govts., BCI and State Bar Councils have to think about how to provide guaranteed monthly income to all Advocates? How to safeguard their lives.

    If large number of well trained, experienced professionals die economy will collapse.

    Preventive steps are necessary. We must plan for the future in an appropriate way.

  2. Indian says:

    Top lawyers make crores of rupees. Why do they help their brethren in the need of the hour? How can government provide money to all? If taxes are collected you cry hoarse and everyone knows who are the major tax evaders.

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