CBDT Chief Fumes At Poor Collection Of Taxes In FY 2017-18

Hon’ble Sushil Chandra, the Chairman of the CBDT, has addressed a stern letter dated 6th July 2017 in which he has pointed out that the growth in revenue is not satisfactory on several parameters. The learned Chairman has given facts and figures to support his proposition. He has directed all officers to take all measures to increase revenue collection and also stated that if revenue is not forthcoming from one Head/ source, alternate sources may be concentrated upon to make up for the deficit.


Chairman, CBDT & Special Secretary to the Government of India

F. No. 370/02/2017-IT (B)

Dated: 6th July, 2017

Dear Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,

Subject: Achievement of Revenue Collection targets for FY 2017-18- Need for sustained efforts through the year.

The position of direct tax collections till June, 2017 has been reviewed by the Board and it is noted that on several parameters, the growth in revenue is not satisfactory. The gross collections have increased by only 8.4% and it is only due to lower refunds that the net collections are showing a growth rate of about 15%. You will appreciate that once refunds in cases not selected in CASS start getting issued, the growth rate in respect of net collections may also come down.

Even under various Minor Heads including Advance Tax, TDS, Self-assessment Tax and Dividend Distribution Tax, the growth rate this year is significantly lower than last year. Most Pr. CCIT Regions are showing very low growth either in terms of gross collections or net collections or both. Region-wise break-up of gross and net collections is enclosed for ready reference.

Since the Budget Estimates of Rs.9,80,000 crore need a net growth rate of about 15.5%, sustained efforts throughout the year are required for achieving the same. Accordingly, all Regions are requested to take all measures to increase revenue collection so that the position at the end of September Quarter comes in line with the desired growth rate. If revenue is not forthcoming from one Head/ source, alternate sources may be concentrated upon to make up for the deficit. The strategies for maximization of revenue must be discussed threadbare in all the Zonal Conferences and the Zonal Member be informed of the action plan for achievement of revenue targets.

With best wishes
Yours sincerely
(Sushil Chandra)

3 comments on “CBDT Chief Fumes At Poor Collection Of Taxes In FY 2017-18
  1. CA Anand Partani says:

    Evaluate those assessment order which are high-pitched and without any concrete evidence just made addition to the income with presumption and assumption basis.
    CBDT do the evaluation of these assessment order and chances of addition is sustainable or not.
    Hope deploy dedicated team for evaluation of outstanding income tax dues
    TDS dues receiving notices of short deduction pertaining to FY 2007-08 in that case the income tax department will pass and refund the same to the beneficiary

  2. Mahendra says:

    He does not fume when his officers are not issuing refunds years after years. Assessee and his AR keep on visiting the IT offices but all in vain. Even complaints lodged at E nivaran are not yielding any result. Is the CBDT chairman or the Finance Secretary Mr. Adhiya or the FM or the PM listening or instructing their field officers for time bound redressal and monitoring the same. Facility through Aayakar Sampark Kendras (ASK) has also miserably failed. Strictures issued by different High Courts and Hon’ble Supreme Court are falling on deaf ears. Field officers are sitting there to harass tax payers, of course with due backing of their seniors because grievances addressed to PCITs are not yielding any results. Would somebody take cognizance to sufferings of tax payers. Simply ridiculous. Badi badi batein bina kisi parinam ke.

  3. Bobjee G Kurien says:

    The chairman monitors many aspects of the work of his subordinates. I would be delighted to know what s the action taken by him for the non performance of his subordinates.It would be interesting to know the instructions issued by him in at least some cases. Why blame the juniors

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