CBDT Modifies Definition Of “Tax Effect” In Low Tax Effect Circular No. 21/2015

The CBDT has issued a letter dated 14th July 2017 in which it has noted that in certain cases appellate authorities are dismissing appeals without going into the merits of the case by relying on the definition of ‘tax effect’ as defined in Circular No. 21/2015 dated 10.12.2015, which prescribes the monetary limit for filing appeals before various appellate authorities. In certain situations where income is computed under the provisions of section 115JB or section 115JC for the purposes of determination of ‘tax effect’, and the additions made under provisions other than sections 115JB or section 115JC do not impact book profit, the appellate authorities are not considering the said additions for the purpose of ‘tax effect’ as defined in para 4 Circular No. 21/2015. The CBDT has examined the matter and directed the insertion of para 4.1 after the para 4 of the Circular No. 21/2015.

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