CBDT Stipulates Tight Time Frame For AOs & CsIT(A) In Central Action Plan

The CBDT has issued a document titled the “Central Action Plan” in which time limits have been prescribed for various activities to be done by the AOs and CsIT(A) in the first quarter (April 2018 to June 2018) of FY 2018-19.

The CBDT has inter alia stipulated that disposal of assessments in at least 25 cases (20 in International Taxation cases) per Assessing Officer of limited scrutiny, set-aside assessment, reopened assessment u/s 147 and OCM scrutiny must be done by 30th June 2018.

Similar time limites are stipulated for replying to Audit Objections, TDS collection/ reconciliation, Investigation Units, International Taxation, Transfer Pricing Units and LTUs.

CIT (Appeals) have been directed to ensure disposal of pending appeals through ITBA- starting from the oldest year to the year following and so on, so as to attain a total disposal of 150 appeals of less than Rs.10 lakh per CIT (A). The time limit for this 30th June 2018.

3 comments on “CBDT Stipulates Tight Time Frame For AOs & CsIT(A) In Central Action Plan
  1. Amar Veer Singh says:

    The refund processing is the priority of Income Tax Department even in absence of any action plan…

  2. Indiaan says:

    The IT dept is new born mafia or gang of constitutional terrorists. The way IT is working, soon it will be far more dangerous than Baghdadi or Mamoo Maood. congrats, Keep it up, India is proud of You. Time to Thank Britishers after 70 years of independence.Any way let us renaame IT dept as Central Police Station and let IPS cadre be transferred to IT as it will have more prosecutions than assessments.

  3. Mayank Mohanka, FCA says:

    Interestingly the Refund Processing doesn’t find any place in the said Central Action Plan. The vigour, aggressiveness, willingness and enthusiasm as shown by IT Authorities in Tax Collection Initiatives must also be reflected in timely processing of Refunds.

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