Change in Constitution of Bombay High Court’s Tax Bench w.e.f. 30.01.2012

The Hon’ble Shri Justice DR.D.Y.CHANDRACHUD AND The Hon’ble Shri Justice M.S.SANKLECHA (Court Room No.40 )

For admission, final hearing and interlocutory applications therein :­(A) All Central and State Direct Tax matters, Writ Petitions, appeals, references and applications, including those challenging vires of an Act or Ordinance. (B) Civil Writ Petitions relating to or arising out of Indirect Tax matters (with connected appeals, where required), including those challenging vires of an Act or Ordinance and those relating to Foreign Trade (Regulation and Development) Act, 1992. (C) Specially assigned PILs (Civil). AND APPELLATE SIDE MATTERS

The Hon’ble Shri Justice J.P.DEVADHAR AND The Hon’ble Shri Justice A.R.JOSHI (Court Room No. 31 )

Appeals, References and Applications pertaining to all Central and State Indirect Tax matters, for admission, hearing and final disposal and interlocutory applications therein (except writ petitions). AND Chartered Accountants Appeals and References for hearing and final disposal. AND APPELLATE SIDE MATTERS

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