Additional Solicitor General for tax cases

Two Additional Solicitors General appointed to deal with tax cases

The Finance Minister, Mr P. Chidambaram, on Thursday said that two Additional Solicitors-General have been appointed to exclusively deal with direct and indirect tax-related cases in the Supreme Court and also certain important cases in the High Courts.

The two Additional Solicitors-General — Mr Chandrasekharan and Ms Parag Tripati — are expected to effectively present the Government’s arguments in direct and indirect tax-related cases before the courts. While Mr Chandrasekharan would deal with indirect tax cases, Ms Tripati would handle direct tax cases.

Better defence

“A senior law officer entirely devoted to tax matters has become imperative. Tax cases no longer deal with small amounts of money. We need somebody who is totally familiar with what is happening across High Courts and in different benches of the Supreme Court so that there is complete control over what is going on,” Mr Chidambaram told reporters at North Block.

Source: The Hindu.

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