Income-tax Department Seeks To End Corruption

The Income-tax Department is conducting a “Vigilance Awareness Week” from 29.10.2012 to 3.11.2012 in order to “sensitize its officials to the need for improving quality of public service rendered and mitigating the potential area of corruption“. An interactive session will be held on 2.11.2012 at 3.00 pm to understand the “potential areas of corruption” and how to mitigate them. The ITAT Bar Association has been requested to depute its representatives to participate in the said interactive session.

If any professional would like to contribute his thoughts on the issue, the same may be sent by email to manager (@) as soon as possible.

3 comments on “Income-tax Department Seeks To End Corruption
  1. Uday Gupta says:

    Income tax department is most corrupt department in India. If you really want to explore corruption in Income tax please come and see at office of ITO Ward (I), TDS Laxmi Nagar Delhi-91 where ITO Shri Ashok Kumar, Shri Rambir Singh Dalal & Shri S.P. Ahuja Saving Tax evader company Accord Financial Services delhi. The company deposit deducted tax after my complaint but no action. now I am Requesting for correct form 16 and clearly pointed out 13 inregularties but above ITO’s taking side of this company since last 3 years.

  2. jai rao says:

    a loud and noticeable repeated truth over time — from money to power; business to politics. business generates while politics maintains. MLAs saturated with money, driving unaffordable cars owning vast tracts of land etc….how? does it take rocket science to understand the structured theme? the system cannot be cleaned, but the element can. the officer needs to undergo a change. but these are wasted words. the IT officer has kids and they collectively have ambitions. I am sorry gentlemen, this is just another eye-wash hoping to secure brownie points. we all know any number of these classes will get us nowhere. in finality, which book of wisdom espouses that your neighbour (or politician) knows whats good for you?you/we alone have that knowledge. the ilk of politicians storm the blood bank (not vote bank of the poor and unfortunate). you alone have to help yourself to attract change —-there is no other solution. regrets.

  3. Nem Singh says:

    Vigilance Awareness Week- not to end the corruption but to promote the corruption. Officials demand without hesitation otherwise discurrage the professionals who are quite honest and work always to generate revenue with the help of advising the clients.

    I think the corruption never ends without any karisma or the revolution of the people. We all or corrupt at all lavels as plitical, revenue, admintration, policy pllaning and projecting, professional and even judicial laves.

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