Income-tax Dept To Be Administered ‘Swachhta Shapath’ (‘Oath Of Cleanliness’)

The CBDT has issued an Office memorandum dated 25.09.2014 drawing attention to the call of the Prime Minister for “Swachh Bharat” mass movement on 2nd October 2014. The OM directs that arrangements have to be made to administer ‘Swachhta Shapath’ to all officers and staff members of the Income-tax department. It is also directed that a detailed action plan should be drawn up to create awareness and promote cleanliness through various creative and innovative activities. All personnel have been directed to clean up their desks and office space, including weeding out of old and obsolete files and records before the appointed day.

2 comments on “Income-tax Dept To Be Administered ‘Swachhta Shapath’ (‘Oath Of Cleanliness’)
  1. Sher Singh says:

    Weekend of many people is spoiled

  2. when these men as it is not clean how by taking oath they can become clean.. see the ministers and MPs or MLAs take oath of allegiance to constitution, is there allegiance to constitution?

    why play all dramas ministers in governments; you yourself untrustworthy how when so do you think these officers would be? Example is better than prece[t father of the Nation Mahatmaji said are you an example!

    fooling people would take you no where!

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