Promotion of Commissioners to Chief Commissioners of Income-tax

Vide Order No. 07 of 2013 dated 10.01.2013, the CBDT has promoted officers in the grade of Commissioner of Income-tax to the grade of Chief Commissioner of Income-tax. Vide Order No. 08 of 2013 dated 10.01.2013, the CBDT has transferred/ posted officers in the grade of Commissioner/ Director of Income-tax. Vide letter dated 10.01.2013, the CBDT has indicated the names of the officers who are in the consideration zone for promotion to the grade of Commissioner of Income-tax

5 comments on “Promotion of Commissioners to Chief Commissioners of Income-tax
  1. how many commissioners retired and how may became administrative/ account members of ITAT information will also be great, and what parameters are applied on their being appointed as Members of tribunal? besides whether all benches have judicial members? if so how many are from retired judges category or just advocates category? if advocates are appointed as judicial members, what is the kind of parameters seen? whether these advocates category are from tax layers? if tax lawyers are the panel advocates of tax or revenue department? how many tax advocates are from the advocates who represented the assesses, all these information will give a birds eye view of the formation of tribunals, indeed a public information to be on website that will show the transparency factum, so i will appreciate if published information is there or else to be published, may be notified to me for just an academic information . this information will give a perception how tribunals are bound to move either with highly considered views of Apex court, that way public will be aware of the tribunals, indeed today tribunals do good job as certified by Apex court recently as the tribunals really countenanced natural justice principles? …. if posted it will be welcomed by all readers of this site?

  2. if we know we can also congratulate them too!

  3. where is the full list of promotions of chief commissioners down?

  4. promotions parameters are by assessing the officers by promotion departmental committees with UPSC advice in case of UPSC EARLIER selected. under various services. what procedure the promotion committees followed is necessarily a public information as public is interested about public servants, as public servants essentially need to be most faithful to public at large. so noting camera about it is the doctrine of public servants promotion after all all legislators are answerable to public in a democracy, if India is a real democracy , said my friend a public servant retired. will that information be published

  5. dr.g.balakrishnan says:

    sir, what are the parameters of promotion of all these persons, if published, comments can be possible as a person i handled promotions in the previous decades of government officers in senior scale or advised on promotions!

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