Resolution Passed By The ITAT Bar Association, Ahmedabad

A meeting of the managing committee of ITAT Bar Association, Ahmedabad was held on 19th April, 2013 and the following resolution was passed unanimously:

RESOLVED THAT considering the conduct of Shri A. K. Garodia, the Accountant Member of ITAT Bench at Ahmedabad, it was found that on account of his consistent gross, rude, arbitrary and outrageous behavior with all members of the Bar appearing before him and his doubtful integrity and unethical standards, the committee decided to boycott the Bench consisting of Shri A. K. Garodia from Monday i.e 22nd April 2013 indefinitely, and information of this Resolution is given to the members of the Association through Email as well as SMS with request that all members will observe the boycott of the Bench.

Information of this resolution has been conveyed to Hon’ble the President of ITAT Shri H. L. Karwa telephonically as well as to Hon’ble Vice President, Ahmedabad Zone Shri G. C. Gupta by the committee who went and met him personally.

Latesh Parikh, Hon. Secretary
Manish J. Shah, President

4 comments on “Resolution Passed By The ITAT Bar Association, Ahmedabad
  1. vswami says:

    Spontaneous Reaction:

    One can no better , instead of expressing own individualistic views/ opinion, than drawing the attention of all concerned to the following published material:

    1. The Judiciary and the Legal Profession Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    (Speech of late N A Palkhivala delivered under the auspices of Bombay High Court , 125th Anniversary Celebrations -September 1987)

    2. Crisis of Public Faith in the Judiciary
    Time for National Introspection

    (His article published in the Times of India- jULY 1990)

    (SOURCE, book: We , the Nation – THE LOST DECADES)

    Coming from (said / written by) the fondly called- Nani, the widely acknowledged and most renowned legal luminary, a constitutional law expert of par excellence, also one of the very few leading great thinkers of our times, a mindful reading of those material, offered /available on a silver plater, one is sure that, might help in every right minded professional (he be a lawyer or CA or any other) being immensely benefited, in an attempt to imbibe thereby accomplish ‘personal excellence’ (in its profound sense).

  2. agarwal says:

    kudos for daring to voice against corrupt officers be it in ITAT or CIT (A). Kolkata has long list of such officers including one Mr XXXX. Like in some states there should be a system of declaring award for most corrupt income tax official through secret ballots.Nowadays even probationatory IRS are asking PARTY KAISA HAI in their first posting itself. Ye to roj ki baat hai

  3. Rashmi Dave says:

    Dear Manishbhai & Lateshbhai,

    HATs of to you all for having such daring to pass Resolution and raising voice collectively against such “ADIYAL” person

    Wishing you all a Grand Success Dil…Se..

  4. Bharat says:

    I feel such resolutions can seriously mar the independence of judiciary. A judge has to be beyond fear or favour. If the bar stats passing such resolutions every member will be compelled to behave in a particular manner and also favour professionals holding high posts in bar. It is a known fact that a lot of issues go unreported because it is not against high and mighty at bar.

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