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Resolution Of Rajasthan Tax Consultants’ Association

Rajasthan Tax Consultants’ Association, Tax Consultants Association, Jaipur and Jaipur Tax Tribunal Bar in a Joint Meeting held Sunday 25th August 2013 at 06.00 P.M. passed the following resolution unanimously:

RESOLVED that on complaints being received from members broadly raising the following issues in respect of functioning of Hon’ble Accountant Member of ITAT Jaipur Bench; Shri B.R. Jain that:

– Shri B. R.Jain is very rude in his behavior and deliberately misbehaves with members of the Bar and passes loose comments for obvious reasons during the hearing of cases.

– Shri B.R. Jain is unsettling the settled issues which have been settled by the decisions of ITAT, Jaipur Bench for ulterior motives.

-Past record of Shri B.R. Jain as Member ITAT at Jodhpur, Lucknow and Agra was also discussed where also Bar had boycotted the Bench consisting of Shri B.R. Jain wherein similar allegations were levied against him.

has unanimously resolved to refer the matter to the Hon’ble President ITAT for necessary action within 48 hours failing which to boycott the work at Jaipur Bench till Shri B.R. Jain remains a member of Jaipur Bench.

3 comments on “Resolution Of Rajasthan Tax Consultants’ Association
  1. vinay min says:

    during his tour to rajkot bench, the same kind of rude and outrageous behavior was felt

    there are other serious issues prevailing in rajkot bench of itat, however, the office bearers of the bar for the reasons best known to them (obvious reasons) are not doing anything

    young advocates and chartered accountants should come together and fight this menace

  2. Shamsher says:

    He is known for many other things also.

    Guts of President ? Are you kidding ? This is a serious forum.

  3. Sher Sing says:

    He is extremely infamous and known for this behavior. Now as usual, there will be some backdoor sabotage and everything will be hunky dory. Basically, his character is showing colours everywhere he is going. Best solution for this will be posting him alone at cities where no bench is functioning. Lets see how much president is having guts

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