Appointments of Hon’ble Sr. Vice President and Vice Presidents

Hon'ble Shri. R.V. Easwar

Hon’ble Shri R.V. Easwar, Judicial Member, has been elevated as Senior Vice President and posted to the Mumbai Bench of the Tribunal with effect from 25th November 2009. Shri. Easwar has qualified as LLM and ACA and practised as a lawyer from 1975 to 1991 in Chennai. After his elevation to the Bench in 1991, he has served the Kolkota, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore Benches. He has been a party to several landmark judgements such as Mid East Portfolio 87 ITD 537 (Mum) (SB), Lalsons Enterprises 89 ITD 26 (Del) (SB) and Kanel Oil (Ahd) (TM).

The other Hon’ble Members who have been promoted as Vice Presidents are:

Sr. No Name Place of posting as Vice President
1. Shri. H. L. Karwa, JM Lucknow
2. Shri. O. K. Narayanan, AM Ahmedabad
3. Shri. N. Bharatvaja Shankar, AM Chandigarh
4. Shri. G. C. Gupta, JM Hyderabad

We wish the Hon’ble Members good luck in their new postings.

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