CBDT Chief Laments Delay In Disposal Of Public Grievances And Warns Defiant AOs Of Imposing Accountability For Undue Delay

Shri. Atulesh Jindal, the Chairperson of the CBDT, has issued a directive dated 24th June 2016 in which he has lamented that a large number of grievances are overdue for an inordinately long period of time. He has termed the overall progress on disposal of grievances as unsatisfactory and noted that in spite of repeated instructions from the Board from time to time, a large number of grievances have not been disposed of within the prescribed timeline of 60 days from the date of their receipt. It is again reiterated that the grievances should be resolved expeditiously. The officers have been warned that if the delays are without any valid reasons, administrative action may be initiated for inaction on the part of respective officers.


Chairperson, CBDT & Special Secretary to the Govt. of India

D.O. F. No. Dir.(Hqrs.)/Ch.(DT)/39(2)/2015

Central Board of Direct Taxes North Block, New Delhi-110001 E-mail: chairmancbdt@nicin
Tele: 23092648 & Telefax: 23092544


Dated 22nd June, 2016

Dear Principal Chief Commissioner / Director General

Sub: Disposal of Public Grievances on priority – Accountability for undue delays.

As you are all well aware, timely and proper disposal of public grievances is one of the primary focus areas of the Government. The Government is keeping a close watch on disposal of public grievances by Government Departments through regular meetings by Secretary, DARPG as well as monitoring through the PRAGATI interactions addressed by the Honourable Prime Minister. CBDT is one of the 20 Government Departments/Ministries receiving the maximum number of public grievances on the online Public Grievances portal known as CPGRAMS.

In the PRAGATI video conference held on 23rd March, 2016 Honourable Prime Minister emphasised that grievance redressal has to be personally looked into by all senior officers as one of the most important areas of their work. Accordingly OM/letter have been issued by CIT(C&S) for sensitizing the Pr.CCsIT /DGsIT for giving appropriate attention to this area of work so as to expedite all grievances overdue beyond six months. Specific targets and timelines have been communicated in the Central Action Plan for the First Quarter 2016-17 for grievance redressal.

As on today, we are having 5039 grievances pending out of which 1935 grievances are overdue i.e. pending beyond the prescribed period of 60 days for disposal. They include 6 grievances which are overdue beyond 1 year, 504 grievances overdue beyond 6 months and 1425 grievances which are overdue for a period between two months and 6 months.

It is obvious that the overall progress on disposal of grievances is unsatisfactory and that in spite of repeated instructions from the Board from time to time, a large number of grievances have not been disposed of within the prescribed timeline of 60 days from the date of their receipt.

As per the Central Action Plan 2016-17, it was communicated that all public grievances pending as on 30th April, 2016 were to be disposed of by 30th June, 2016. I would, therefore, like you to personally look into the grievances pending beyond two months as on 1st July, 2016 and seek explanations of the Officers concerned as to the reasons for such delays within a week’s time and wherever you find that the delays are without any valid reasons, administrative action may be initiated for inaction on the part of respective officers. I would like to have a report for your respective region on this issue by 15th July 2016.

As communicated earlier, a consolidated monthly report regarding personal monitoring of quality of disposal by senior officers of your entire region may also be submitted through your Zonal Member to the Board in the first week of the succeeding month as the same is also being monitored by the Government on a monthly basis.

Yours sincerely
(Atulesh Jindal)

12 comments on “CBDT Chief Laments Delay In Disposal Of Public Grievances And Warns Defiant AOs Of Imposing Accountability For Undue Delay
  1. b.s.waghela says:

    They are already tired and increasing retirement age may make them slumber ? I have worked under so many CITs/CCITs, and their advice was not to create any problem for them and allow them to retire peacefully. Some of them retired as Board Members/Chairman. Some on the verge of retirement were in hurry to collect as much possible within short time available. Some who are super active may get chance to loot/ plunder further ? There is no case for raising Retirement Age and it may reduce promotion chances of juniors.

  2. Surrender K Singal says:

    Apparently, executives under CBDT are aware of the retirement date of the Chairman ?

  3. Surrender K Singal says:

    ITAT having held (24.08.2016) reassessment u/s 148 invalid while setting it aside, ITO 36(5) Delhi still unmindfully summons (06.10.2016) hapless Assessee (AAJPS3839G) u/s 221(1) to appear at 11 A M on 07.10.2016 instead of giving appeal effect to either of ITAT’s 2 orders in A Y 2007-08; No online e-nirvan grievances being attended to by A O ?

    • b.s.waghela says:

      Full facts are not given. This is short hand dictation and nothing can be made out. Summons is issued u/s.131 and not u/s.221(1). Notice u/s.121 is issued to a tax defaulter. Comments are childish and not by a Tax Expert.

      • bobjee kurien says:

        Some typographical errors led to confusion.the assessing officer has issued a show cause notice.that has been taken as asummon.
        Apparently the assessee is unaware what has happened.A routine notice for recovery of tax was issued.
        Nevertheless of late there isca cavalier attitude in the officers action.He forgets thatvhecis a quasi judicial officer.and He is bound to act judiciously.This cavalier attitude needs to be set right.The chairperson reflects the attitude of the department.Cleansing takes from top and the present head is no different from the lowest in the lwvel of heirarchy.Anyway the announcment of increasing thecage limit for retirment may induce persons holding responsible positions to act responsibly.

  4. Bobjee Kurien says:

    The figure reported is like the FIRs filed in a police station

  5. Bobjee Kurien says:

    CBDT Chief Fumes As Dept Turns A Deaf Ear To CBDT’s Directives On Speedy Disposal Of Taxpayers Grievances
    CBDT Directive For Expeditious Disposal Of S. 154 Rectification Applications During FY 2015-16
    Acche Din! NAMO Cracks Whip On Income-Tax Dept For Harassing Taxpayers
    CBDT Guidelines on s. 281 Fraudulent Transfers
    CBDT Instructions On S. 143(1) Intimations And S. 154 Rectifications

    In what way are the above directions different .Each one of the above threatens action.Barking …… rarely bite
    What action has the board taken against the erring officials starting from CCIT. The government does not pay huge salaries to the supervisory officers for turning a blind eye to the directions issued.

  6. Rajesh Bhardwaj says:

    Sir, 5039 pending grievances is the figure only under CPGRAMS, a web based system for redressel of grievances. In addition, there are a large number of grievances where paper applications have been made by assessees before the online system was introduced. these require to be uploaded by department and persued for redresse. In addition, there is post of Director( Greivances) in CBDT who could take action to redress grievances . Chairman, CBDT can also direct her to redress grievances at CBDT level.

  7. bobjee kurien says:

    I hold the chairman CBDT responsible for his inaction.he knows only to pass the buck but not initiate action against the strong officials.we hear the same lament over and over again.What can poor chairman do.he is on the seat justvfirca few month and the files move very slowly.Like him the officials below also have excused for not doing their job.I have yet to come across a chairman who knows to administer!!!!!@

    • b.s.waghela says:

      Bobjee , you are correct. Board means BLANK BLACK BOARD. All the CBDT Members know how to send circulars/ instructions and are not bothered about their implementation. What is preventing the CBDT from invoking Rule 56(j) of the Fundamental Rules against the erring CCITs / CITs for their failure to perform supervisory duties ? Mr. Hashmukh Adhiya please read these comments seriously.

  8. bobjee kurien says:

    New brooms sweep well.During the past 8 months the same message is repeated.Warnings issued and no action taken .officers raided no action taken.supreme courts have issued elections the high courts too.Cbdt chairman members.no action.absolutely no action.empty threats.Todays intetview of PM.Pn his direction 30 officials of income tax given marching orders.

  9. manish parekh says:

    We are being imposed penalties for late filing, late payments etc. Are they above law ? Impose penalties on equal footings. Its as simple as that. When are we going to bring the government officers on par with other normal citizens ? Are they special? Sir, they ( British Officers) were special during British Raj since they had to suppress people & inculcate a feeling to inferiority in people’s mind to RULE them. It was the need of the hour for them. Problem is we are continuing with same set of rules & acts, in same format, with same powers, & the bureaucrats are not allowing these rules to be changed as it SUITS them. Now the rules & acts should be re-drafted to ADMINISTER & not RULE. Some strong leader needs to bring about this change which has not been allowed for this 65 years.

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