CBDT Issues Handbook To Explain How TDS Is Processed By CPC

The CBDT has issued a handbook to explain the manner in which the Central Processing Cell (CPC) processes TDS matters. The handbook explains the enormity of the task involved and how efficiently the same is managed by the CPC. It is stated that the CPC has more than 700 crore transactional data in its database and that it can process more than 1 crore deductee records in 24 hours at its state-of-the-art data centers at Noida and Pune. There are several other fascinating facts and figures provided to enable taxpayers to appreciate the work done by the CPC.

One comment on “CBDT Issues Handbook To Explain How TDS Is Processed By CPC
  1. say in landed properties government taxes multi various times in every buy and sell of same property who gave the government this illogical power would be a logical question.

    if government wants it should request people like real beggar say one or two % and that would be paid by any citizen on his own without so much paraphernalia of revenue collection officers.

    i think courts need to go into questions how the government determines %ages on each aspect. It would come to know it is all arbitrary behavior of elected representatives , so ex.PM of the UK Mr. Tony Blair says people are bosses of any government .

    What is great in indian PMs all these 65 years are so that has to be examined by constitutional courts of india as
    indian constitution is a potpourri of cnstitions of America/UK/Ireland/USSR/Australia/canada… why Indians behave funny once sitting as administrators as executives!

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