E-Book By ICAI On Companies Act 2013 And Rules

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (“ICAI”) has issued a publication titled “E-Book On The Companies Act, 2013 and Rules Thereon”.

The E-Book runs into 575 pages. It contains all the sections and schedules of the Companies Act 2013 as well as the Rules notified so far. The Forms for the Rules have also been given. For easy reference, a Table has been included which contains provisions of Companies Act 2013 as notified up to date. Further, a Table has been provided which shows Chapter-wise Sections of the Act which are not yet notified as well as the Rules for the Chapters which are notified/not notified. The amendments made so far by the MCA in the Schedules and Rules have been incorporated in their respective places.

The E-Book will prove very useful to all professionals

One comment on “E-Book By ICAI On Companies Act 2013 And Rules
  1. i indeed like. i need to say ICAI need to develop research cells as also inspection cells on members on their annual reports basis what section of income tax Act handled and what verdicts they got from various foras . then see if they did not right the members need to be advised as to how they need to handle the matter, that would be useful to your members otherwise what is the use of membership, as CAs also do handle tax laws where their level of knowledge is indeed cannot be satisfactory like in their taxation accounts as accounts and law are two divergent faces, after all every CA cannot be great competent advocate in all areas of practice, that way ICAI secretariat need to work is a piece of advice to ICAI.

    Again research should be on the areas of tax laws, whether every tax section is holistically framed, what lacunae is found; and the like and then report to finance secretary of government of india instead of docilely following the wrong sections of IT Act 1961, that would be a better service ICAI can render to their CA member’s clientele – assesses under tax is my suggestion;

    that way ICAI can be a meaningful monitor or the legislature after all Art 12 institutions are expected to serve the citizens as citizens are real bosses of any government, after all indian constitution is a potpourri of many great constitutions in the world … USA(American)/canadian/Australian/USSR/Ireland,,, but see USA only did 26 constitutional amendments while india may be the only country having about 100+ constitutional amendments that show clearly our law makers are men of muddled minds is certainly clear. So these great law makers need insulin on and off by institution like you i think, as i believe ICAI is not a muddled mind set up!

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