CBI Arrests CCIT + Two ITOs For Bribe, Gets Assaulted By Furious AOs

The CBI has issued a press release stating that P. K. Sharma, the Chief Commissioner Income Tax, and Shailendra Bhandari, ITO, have been arrested for allegedly taking bribe of Rs 15 lakh. In two other press releases, the CBI has stated than an ITO in Mumbai and another in Lucknow have also been arrested for demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 75,000 respectively. According to news reports, the team of CBI officials was allegedly attacked with fire extinguishers by tax officials in Lucknow, after the investigating agency arrested one of their colleagues for bribe-taking. Some CBI officers were injured and are being treated in hospital. The CBI has filed an FIR against the attackers.


13 comments on “CBI Arrests CCIT + Two ITOs For Bribe, Gets Assaulted By Furious AOs
  1. waghela says:

    Govt. is not a mafia. Some Govt. servants are running the Govt. departments as a Business Enterprise. They are encouraged to do so because they are able to purchase the higher ups who matter.

  2. swami says:

    is there any forum of cbi for giving direct complaint to cbi

    • Rajeev Verma says:

      They are too corrupt, if you complain, there are chances that they cook up a fake case against you for extortion. In India, the government is the biggest mafia.

  3. true, none today is free from greed of corrupt moneys. happy che=ristmas to all of you, wish you all happy seasons greetings too from my side , cell: 8875999446

  4. CA.Ashok D Shah says:

    Claim of 100% depreciation on purchase of solar panels allegedly worth Rs 35.98 crore. The supplier admitted receipt of only Rs. 21.39 crore out of the Rs. 25.16 crore claimed to have been paid. The supplier gave a statement admitting that the cost was “inflated” and that Rs 10 crore was to be repaid to Singhvi in the form of a loan to his sons;

    (ii) Claim of depreciation on purchase of laptops allegedly worth Rs. 5 crore. The Commission held that since Singhvi had employed only 14 advocates/professionals to assist him, he would have had to purchase 1,250 laptops (each costing Rs 40,000) to account for the amount under that head;
    The above two para’s are copy pasted from a report that ABHISHEK MANU SINGHAVI levied penalty u/s.271(1)(c).
    Shocked to read that a lawyer having 14 advocate staff needs 1250 laptops. Such lawyers should be barred from appearing. this proves their level.
    lesser we speak of them better.
    they are no less than hard core criminals.

  5. Sh. Atam Parkash Lakhina ITO Ward 4 Sonipat Is one of the most corrupts Assessing Officer of the department. He demanded Rs. 5 Lakhs in each scrutiny case.

    • b.s.waghela says:

      Well done CBI ; arrest few more.

      • CA.Ashok D Shah says:

        I am naratting a true story my father who was a senior Tax Advocate was telling . He started his carrier in 1951 and practiced till 1994. he left the practice since he could not tolerate the level of corruption.somewhere in early 80’s he complained about the corruption/ harassment by one officer to the then Chief Commissioner. The commissioner told my father that please give me names of such corrupt officer to which my father replied as under:
        ” SIr , give me three months time to find out a single honest officer in the Dept. The answer was very clear that even that Chief Commissioner was no exception .”

  6. bhagwanji says:

    Barring few exeptions , most of the Incometax Officials are corrupt. For extracting money they harass honest tax payers. CCITs/CITs have not even spared their own employees. For Transfers & Postings they have not even spared Group D officials. Nowadays CBI is taking action on specific complaint. If they approach Retired Incometax Employees, they can get names of so many Corrupt officials. Before some years one Serving Deputy Commissioner has written a Book on corruption in Incometax Department , mentioning names of the currupt officers under whom he worked. But instead of taking action against those officers, CBDT declared him MAD and transferred him from Rajasthan to Nagpur and to Bangalore. CBDT , CBI and the CVC should read that book.

  7. Appears a man as CCIT, ITO and AOs are in hand in glouce in bribes mean if the taxation is so high naturally bribe amounts increase or if the officers try the misuse of Notices just to gain illegal bribes mean that this shows how these tainted live beyond their means in their day to day lives indeed promoted by the very government in power as these governments infested by politicians in power misuse these men for their own gratification they use the statutory routes like the other day ‘cigarettes/beedies lobbies’ misuse these politicians to say ‘cancer does not occur just by smoking alone’ by their own legislation routes by misusing their so called legislative committees to assess the suitability of statute proposing bills… thus it shows every governance is infested by corrupt persons… that only clearly indicates how AOs attacked the CBI raid party… it is high time voters need to force the governments in power to appoint public supervising committees to monitor the functions of officials as also politicians in power in every department,by the public jury system of supervision on all activities at least initial stages.

    Else, there soon might arise chaos in all spheres that could possibly might end up very bad rebellions even among the officials too …as i understand that almost every tax officer gets stuffed packets periodically right down CCIT to last official in revenue departments.

    Earlier the suitable curbs are there, there might nt be any salvation i presume,

    once booked and convicted under circumstantial reasons, the officers convicted under corruption Acts shd be denied pensions and other gratuitous benefits while denying the benefit of Art311 to the government servants concerned.

    yea one need to work out the nitty gritty in the suitable action…yes discharge from service such officers and their wards recruitment in government shd be by high scrutiny of police and CBI verification even after their wards pass all the necessary public services examinations…

    • bhagwanji says:

      There should be a Screening Committee under each CCIT who will hold Quarterly Review Meetings for the purposes of Rule 56(j) of the Fundamental Rule. Some Quota should be fixed. If this Committee fails to suggest names , this Rule should be invoked against those members of the Committee. AT CBDT level there should be Screening Committee for the CCITs and the CITs.

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