Check Out The Rogue’s Gallery Of Absconding ‘Wilful Tax Defaulters’

The Income Tax department has adopted the aggressive strategy of ‘naming and shaming‘ some large tax defaulters by publishing names of 18 entities who owe over Rs 500 crore tax to the exchequer.

The step is aimed to publicise and put these names in public domain so that the common man can come forward to help the department in knowing the whereabouts of these. The step is to enhance public awareness against these entities who are acting against law. These names have been put up on the department’s website.

The Government’s aggressive approach includes the names of 18 tax defaulters. The names in the list are Goldsukh Trade (Rs 75.47 cr), Somani Cements (Rs 27.47 crore), Blue Information Technology (Rs 75.11 cr), Appletech Solutions (Rs 27.07 cr), Jupiter Business (Rs 21.31 cr), Hirak Biotech (Rs 18.54 cr), Icon Bio Pharma & Healthcare Ltd (Rs 17.69 cr), Banyan & Berry Alloys (Rs 17.48 cr), Laxminarayan T Thakkar (Rs 12.49 cr), Virag Dyeing & Printing (Rs 18.57 cr), Poonam Industries (Rs 15.84 cr), Kunvar Ajay Food Pvt Ltd (Rs 15 cr), Victor Credit & Construction (Rs 13.81 cr), Noble Merchandise (Rs 11.93 cr) and G K Dharne (Rs 38.31 crore).

If you know the whereabouts of these wilful defaulters, please contact the nearest income-tax office.

7 comments on “Check Out The Rogue’s Gallery Of Absconding ‘Wilful Tax Defaulters’
  1. MRK Gandhi says:

    If we are not to call defaulters as “rogue defaulters”; at least they can be called defaulters, so that others including financial institutions will know and they suppliers/associates be aware. Let our Tax collectors act on the matters. Small credit card outstanding is reported to the credit bureau.


    The income tax assessee finally taken the colour of the rogue.This is highly unfortunate thing on the part of India at large.The income tax assessee should not be consider as criminal at any cost.Out of prevailing laws/Acts one should remember Income Tax Act is one among the same. Doing business itself is a challenge and dynamic and should highly appreciable because it will provide direct and indirect employment to the people.The constraints of the business are countless. One-way at the times need the business is always look for help in terms of finance which is as
    scarce material.In general The income tax demands are out come of the arbitrary additions by the assessing officers. The experience and competency of the officers never be looked. The high pitched demands are always lucrative and crazy to collect but fatal to the business of going concerns. thats it is called tax terrorism.The fate of the business and its dependents is at stake at the instance of unilateral recovery. At this jeopardy state of affairs the assessee may call a rouge or cheat whatever so not correct. and UN fair..needs correction…..

  3. .K. Singhal & Associates says:

    Sir, the Department and yourself should also publish the Rouge Gallery of Tax Officials against whom various High Courts and Tribunals have passed severe strictures and imposed fines while disposing off Assesses Appeals and Writ Petitions. One wonders why the Finance Ministry and CBDT don’t take any penal action against such Rouge Officials !!!

  4. CA Sudhir G Agrawal says:

    If the ITD department having all the necessary evidences in their possession – addresses, phone numbers, emails, balance sheet, bank account details, related party transaction details, 26 AS, even photos also may be etc etc apart from various quasi judicial authority level in the department, what does they expect from common persons.

    The Income Tax Department itself first needs a face lift for commoners to view them as friends and not blood hound. n Then only, commoners can come forward and do something proactively helpful.

    In today’s conditions, if some one is about to die in say a road accident, no body wants to come forward for a help (unless it is their own close friend or a family member).

    Do you think such advertisement is of any use.

    What about several politicians in the country who have swindled several lac crores of the public funds – are your department willing to do some thing ?

  5. Ashwani Joshi says:

    Sir, The government should devise some policy on the same lines for departmental black sheep also.

  6. G.S.Sarma says:

    the pan number have been mentioned in the advertisement which has appeared today

  7. G.S.Sarma says:

    It would be good if the PAN numbers of the persons / entities are also published so that any one with such PAN number though with different name could be reported or not to deal with those entities

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