Check Out The Rogues Gallery Of Defaulters Who Owe Income-tax Dept Rs. 1150 Crore

As part of the ‘name and shame’ campaign, the Income Tax department on Wednesday made public a third list of 18 tax defaulters including gold and diamond traders whose dues totalled around Rs 1,150 crore.

Leading the list of defaulters is Uday M Acharya (late) and his legal heirs Amul Acharya and Bhavana Acharya. They have notched up an astronomical sum of Rs 779.04 crore as being owed to the income-tax department.

Top 10 Defaulters of the Income-tax department
Name Place Dues (Rs)
Uday M Acharya (late), Amul, Bhavana Acharya Mumbai 779.04 cr
Nexxoft Infotel Ltd Hyderabad 68.21 cr
Liverpool Retail Ahmedabad 32.13 cr
Praful M Akhani Ahmedabad 29.11 cr
Sakshi Exports Surat 26.76 cr
Hemang C Shah Mumbai 22.51 cr
Mohd Haji (Yusuf Motorwala) Mumbai 22.34 cr
Dharnendra Overseas Ahmedabad 19.87 cr
Venus Remedies  Ltd Chandigarh 15.25 cr

The other defaulters in the list include Ahmedabad based Jag Heet Exporters Pvt Ltd (Rs 18.45 crore), Jashubhai Jewellers (Rs 32.13 crore), Kalyan Jewels Pvt Ltd (Rs 16.77 crore), Liverpool Retail India Limited (Rs 32.16 crore), Dharnendra Overseas Ltd (Rs 19.87 crore) and Praful M Akhani (Rs 29.11 crore). Hyderabad based Nexxoft Infotel which owes Rs 68.21 crore and Bhopal-based Great Metals Products Pvt Ltd, which owes Rs 13.01, also made it to the list.

The department has directed the defaulters to “pay their arrears immediately“. It has also pleaded with the public to inform it if they have any knowledge of the defaulters. However, given that most of the defaulters are untraceable, the chances of recovery appear slim.

9 comments on “Check Out The Rogues Gallery Of Defaulters Who Owe Income-tax Dept Rs. 1150 Crore
  1. Amit Patel says:

    It is appreciable that the rogues gallery of defaulters are published. However, one needs to clarify whether their cases are settled finally at appellate forums or are still pending. If pending then they cannot be held to be defaulters merely on the basis of some demand raised by the Assessing Officers on account of high pitched assessments. Thus, this gallery gives a distorted and not correct picture.

    Secondly, the CBDT should also consider publishing the rogues gallery of corrupt officers of the department with the amount of bribe taken and shame them considering the spate of recent raids by the CBI, so that no other officer will dare ask for the bribe. Why shame the tax defaulters only and give a preferential and secrecy protection to the corrupt officers.

  2. Ram Babu B. Com says:

    defaulters are under C/o (care of) politicians and those who have do not wear khaki while on duty.

  3. V N KULKARNI says:


  4. Varaprasad Daitha says:

    In the Incometax Act there is a provision to publicize all all top defaulters in the name of “Publication of Names of assessees”, and there was also a concept facilitating the top two genuine tax payers of a Range (the assessment unit under the present system) till 31-03-2002. It was later stopped for the best known reasons of the CBDT. Such measures will specifically help in winning the hearts of genuine tax payers and public as well.

    • Varaprasad Daitha says:

      On the other day in Hyderabad all PSU Bank authorities had staged a demonstration in front of the loan defaulters. This is a novel method and it could also be implemented.

    • Ram Babu B. Com says:

      in Hyderabad most genuine payer award recd. was by ANR family. The award every goes to a popular personality like this. 1 can imagine the genuity of these people. Thus, this amounts to show how effectively ineffective the dept. is.

  5. anilkumarmishra says:

    At Present in Kanpur more than 100 business persons are accused for not paying income tax demand while more than 500 business persons has not declared actual income in kanpur they have hidden income by recording of fake expenses vouchers and not recording of sale of scraps of raw materials the chartered accountants are certifying these balance sheets in kanpur thus heavy tax evadation in kanpur with the help of professionals& officers

  6. anilkumarmishra says:

    Dear Sir, Kindly Arrange To penalise The officers & Professionals who has certified the books of these defaulters and delayed in creation of demand the major parts of Professionals in not paying demands by apeals to higher authority thus main accused saves , he will also defaulter of banks and other institutions. Kindly arrange to seize property of accused & certifying Professionals And liable officers for delay in creating final demand

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