Crorepati ITO has 23 flats!

It doesn’t pay to be greedy … especially when you are indulging in immoral activities – That is the moral of this story.

In 2002, Devendra Doctor, an informant for the Income-tax department tipped off Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, who was then the Additional Commissioner of Income-tax (Investigation), of a case of unaccounted income. Pursuant to this tip-off, raids were conducted and the department claimed to have made a seizure of Rs. 1 crore.

However, Devendra Doctor was aggrieved. He claimed that the seizure was Rs. 4 crores and that the department had undervalued the seizure to deprive him of the cash reward that he is entitled to as an informant.

Not one to be cowed down when his representations met with Governmental apathy, Doctor filed a series of legal proceedings in Court, forcing the Central Bureau of Investigation out of its slumber. Forced to act, thanks to the vigilant supervision of the Court, the CBI filed a FIR dated 22.2.2007 against Ajay Kumar Singh and two others for offences punishable under sections 13(2) read with 13(1)(e) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 and Section 109 of the IPC. (Click here for the Court’s order)

In all of these proceedings, Devendra Doctor appeared in person, showing gritty determination.

Meanwhile, the Asian Age of 24.10.2008 reported that in conducting raids on Ajay Kumar Singh, the CBI sleuths stumbled upon a treasure trove of riches. They apparently recovered evidence that Kumar had amassed huge amounts of wealth in Mumbai, Ranchi, Jamshedpur and other places. He had invested in 23 properties in Mumbai that included flats and office premises in plush areas. Bank accounts, share certificates in the name of, his mother and other relatives, assets and cash worth Rs 95,32,424 were found as well.

It was also stated that the CBI found documents that reveal Kumar’s nexus with various top developers like Lokhandwala developers.

Fortunately, the Court has directed the Superintendent of Police, CBI, ACB, Mumbai to file an affidavit setting out the progress in the investigation of the case registered on the basis of complaint submitted by Devendra Doctor against Ajay Kumar Singh and also to clarify whether any charge-sheet has been filed before the Special Court on completion of investigation. (Click here for the Court’s order).

Thanks to the supervision of the Court, one hopes that truth will prevail.

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  1. VEERMANI says:

    When the Officials of the Income-tax Department are caught by the CBI, why information about the extravagant contributors to the wealth of such officials are not extracted by the CBI. The ATS is extracting information and then establish lthe llinks. It can be done by the CBI also. This way corruption could be controlled

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