Download Guide To The Finance Bill 2017 Issued By The Chamber Of Tax Consultants (With Videos)

The Chamber Of Tax Consultants, which comprises of leading Advocates and Chartered Accountants, has released a publication which analyses all the provisions of the Finance Bill 2017 in an in-depth and systematic manner.

The USP of the publication is the fact that the discussion is arranged topic-wise. For example, Advocate Rahul Hakani has analyzed the entire proposed law on capital gains and joint development agreement. Likewise, CA Paresh Shah has examined the implications of the proposed amendments relating to international tax. CA Bhavesh Dedhia and CA Paras Gada have meticulously analyzed the provisions relating to transfer pricing. Several other contributors have also provided important insights into the other provisions of the Finance Bill 2017.

The publication is a must-read and will prove to be of invaluable assistance to all taxpayers and tax professionals.

In addition, eminent Chartered Accountants like Yogesh Thar, T. P. Ostwal, Gautam Nayak addressed the audience and explained all the nuances of the Finance Bill 2017 (see videos below).

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