Income-tax Department To Take Anti-Corruption Pledge

The Directorate General of Income Tax (Vigilance) has issued a letter dated 14.10.2014 stating that the department shall be observing the theme of “Combating Corruption — Technology as an enabler”. It is stated that the Observance of the Vigilance Awareness Week every year is a step towards promoting integrity whereby all the stake holders arc enthused to fight the malaise of corruption. In line with the CVC’s suggestion, the Chief Commissioners have been advised to consider undertaking various activities during the Vigilance Awareness Week such as display of banners, posters, organizing debates, lectures, etc and also to take a “pledge” that corruption will be avoided.

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  1. Kalu Shekh says:

    Hum govt deparment ko sab samay sahayata karna chata hu

  2. U N Gupta says:

    I come to know the department/nation is celebrating Vigilance Awareness Week to curb corruption. Nothing happen. Result will be ZERO. Only wastage of money. I am facing corruption in Income Tax department. it is very tough to fight corruption. Even sometimes I feel my life is in risk. Dept doing corruption By way of “go slow”, “Partial work done”, “Imposed penalty but not recover”. Ward 73(1) TDS Laxmi Nagar saving tax evader firm Accord Financial Service since 2010.

  3. a kumar says:

    my complaint is regarding college bishamber sahiah degree college roorkee dehradun road roorkee,6k.m. from roorkee,new currency is being collected by the students during exam period. it may be check during 9am to administrator openly collected the un authorized money by the student and warned to poor students. u may ask the collected money has been on record or receipt given to student. u may also get a lot of amount of new currency if u check in morning or information may be collect by the civil dress person/student after the exam.

  4. Uday Gupta says:

    It next to impossible that Income Tax department corruption free. There is one method adopted by corrupt officers keep weight on file and wait for indefinite time. according to some Joint commissioner Income tax nobody tell me that do this work first or last. I am overloaded. It totally depend on me when I take action on it. I am facing the same problem in Range 49(1) TDS and Circle 32(10 DELHI since last 4 years and moving pillar to post but no action has been taken till now. I hope that government is changed there may be some change in Income tax department but same nothing change. Only god can save this country……….

  5. Uday Gupta says:

    I am Uday Narayan Gupta. I want to draw your attention towards manipulations and malpractices in the income tax office and request you to take the action against erring officers of the department. I am an ex employee of Accord Financial Services, having office at A-60 Lajpat Nagar part-2, New Delhi-24 (hereinafter referred as Firm). I resigned from the above-said firm by giving proper intimation and the firm made the Full and Final settlement and issued cheque and deducted the tax on it after doing their own calculations which was reflected in the Full and Final Statement sent to me along with the cheque also.

    The company deducted the tax at source (FY 2009-10) but not deposited it with the Income Tax Department. The Firm had even adjusted the already deposited tax through revised TDS return against the TDS of other employees. The Firm had issued incorrect TDS certificate (Form 16) whereby manipulated several heads like showing lesser salary paid to me, not included leave encashment, and increased the Mediclaim Premium Amount, not given 80 C rebate benefit.

    I complaint about this manipulation and theft of tax to Mr. S. P. Auja,at that time the ITO Ward No 49(1) TDS Laxmi Nagar New Delhi, in whose jurisdiction the said firm falls , regarding the tax evasion by the Firm, The very next day the said ITO informed the Firm to deposit the balance tax but not gave any direction / order to Firm to issue revise Form 16 and told me to leave this matter. As the certificate in Form 16 issued by the Firm is showing lesser income the said ITO Mr. S. P. Ahuja suggested me to take the refund of tax by showing lesser income while filing my return of income. He told me that he is helpless and even not took any action against the tax evasive Firm. On pursuing the matter with ITO Shri.S. P Ahuja he had sent me letter the unauthenticated/unsigned document by the firm which showed Rs.25000/- cheque returned to my wife against Loan taken by the Firm as my income, and a sum of Rs.73333/- were shown as conveyance reimbursement which was never given to me and no claim was ever submitted by me.

    Then I complained about ITO & Firm nexus to The Additional commissioner TDS, range 49 New Delhi, The Director TDS Mayur Bhawan, The Director Investigation Jhandewalan, The Director Vigilance, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg, ITO, Satkarta Bhavan new Delhi and also put 5 RTIs to alls but unfortunately I got reply as information about forwarding application from Director TDS. Reply from director investigation as this office is not under RTI and 2 reply from same ITO Ward 49(I). Since the reply came from Shri.Rambir Singh Dalal ITO Ward 49 (1), who took charge from Mr. S. P. Ahuja, only he mitigated the things willfully and replied that as your salary matter has been disposed of on 11.04.2011 and there is no discrepancy in your salary payment. I never received this letter even the ITO confirmed in reply of my one RTI that this letter is not for you. In another RTI reply regarding conveyance reimbursement voucher, Shri Rambir Singh Dalal while giving replies of RTIs gave evasive, incorrect and misleading replies and also threatened with police action. It seems that he had become an interested party and is favouring the Firm

    I wrote two Appeal Letter to Appellate Authority, Sh. Sanjay Goyal, Addl Commissioner Income tax Range 49. He had replied to these letters only in which he had sidelined main issues, created issues himself and even they confirm partial Income in it (ref file no Addl/CIT/R-49/2010-11/170).

    I sent three letters to Sh. P. K Banarjee, Dy. Director (Vigilance), Room No 178, C R Building, ITO delhi and met twice in his office regarding the ITO and Firm nexus and Closure report submitted by Sh. B.S Rawat Joint Commissioner of Income Tax Range (49). There upon I explained my complaint stating that the facts of the case have been wilfully concealed and distorted just to save and protect the erring officers of Income Tax Department. Mr. B. S. Rawat, who has prepared the closure report which Sh P.K Banarjee read out to me on 17.01.2014 which only saved and protected officers of his own department and gave misleading facts in his report. The action may kindly be taken against him too.

    I filed second appeal to Central Chief Information Commissioner ref. FILE No CIC/RM/A/2012/00439 then ITO 49(1) Shri Ashok Kumar transfer my case to the Joint Commissioner Income tax Range 32(1) File No ITO/W-49(1)/TDS/2013-14/66 on dated 25/06/2013 for checking Nature of payment. The complainant further sent a letter to the Addl. Commissioner of Income Tax Range 32, Prtyaksh Kar Bhawan New Delhi on 14-10-2013 by speed post no ED96655315IN with details and annexed emails, List of pertinent questions & Form 16 for the AY-2010-11 . After the one year Complainant put RTI and The CPIO reply as the information sought by you is prohibited under sub section of (h) of section of 8 of The RTI Act 2005. “Information which would impede the process of investigation or apprehension or prosecution of offenders. Therefore, copies of notices issued cannot be provided. “and denying the information for forever. Investigation is going on without time limit. Four year already passed. The CPIO trying to pass time to scrap the investigation by 6 years time limit. The CPIO only sent letter on 21-03-2014 just three day before first reply of RTI on 25-003-2014 and second notice issued just after of my appeal hearing date 27-05-2014. It is very clear that the CPIO misuse of Section 8 subsection (h) of RTI Act-2005.

    It may be further stated that the Complainant has filed recovery suit against the M/S Accord Financial Services in Saket Courts (Appeal Suit RCA/24/2014) and proceedings are continuing. Please note that In Ld trail court the complainant got partial relief. Complaint submitted cross of Shri Pawan Agarwal Partner Accord Financial Services on oath stated “There is no voucher” even “not prepared” for cash payment and for conveyance reimbursement claimed. In another case filed by complainant against the Auditors of the Firm with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Firm’s Chartered Accountant(Sh.S.C Sharma) stated that “I audited computerized Vouchers only and there is no physical voucher for the same.

    I have strong reason to believe that Income Tax Department is bent upon to save the ITO Shri SP Ahuja/Shri Rambir Singh Dalal who failed to take any action against tax evader and also to compel the firm to issue me revised form 16 and allowed the firm to deposit balance of tax without any penalty and also the tax evading firm that short deposited the tax, did not accounted the full income of its ex employee for calculation of tax, did not give correct form 16 to me.

  6. Uday Gupta says:

    It is only show business by Income tax Vigilance. I am facing problem of corruption in TDS range 49 ward (1) and range 32(1) since last 4 years. I mat 3 times with dy Director Vigilance Mr. P. K. Banarjee. He try to save erroring officer by saying I will give the scrutiny order of the company for current years not the complaint belongs to. Despite I sent him affidavit of owner of Accord Financial Service in court and Charted Accountant in which they are saying we don’t have any vouchers. even not prepared. Then why ITO Range 49(1) and range 32(1) not taking action against the company.
    It is income tax department. It is most corrupt department in India. Any officer in income tax have courage for fight the corruption then please write me.

  7. sher.singh says:

    shersingji, ur idea indeed like sher (lion),

    fact is AOs would not interact through skype network as they need more income, right royally which they had been getting over years !

    how will their mind disengage from great pipeline under face to face basis!

  8. sher.singh says:

    If CCTVs are installed in every room with clear video and audio recording in every room of Government Offices especially in rooms of Assessing Officers and above and more particularly in courtrooms in ITAT, corruption will go down.

  9. i wonder even without pledge all public servants are bound by constitution why this dramatics, as if corruption is a new problem,

    what do u mean by public servants? can they be corrupt? under what Article of Constitution of india sir!

    this shows public servants are permitted to be corrupt under service Acts. what provisions mr. Director General permit public servants are allowed to be corrupt?

    public servants misuse discretionary powers is the fact my dear DG.

    this is not a duplicate comment, but you also behave like your government! it appears!!

  10. i wonder even without pledge all public servants are bound by constitution why this dramatics, as if corruption is a new problem,

    what do u mean by public servants? can they be corrupt? under what Article of Constitution of india sir!

    this shows public servants are permitted to be corrupt under service Acts. what provisions mr. Director General permit public servants are allowed to be corrupt?

    [ublic servants misuse discretionary powers is the fact my dear DG.

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