Respectful Homage to Dr. N. M. Ranka, Sr. Advocate & President, AIFTP (2000-02)

Eminent personalities have paid their heart-felt tribute and homage to Dr. N. M. Ranka, Sr. Advocate and President, AIFTP. They have recalled the stellar contribution of the field of law and taxation and his generosity as a philanthropist for the welfare of the underprivileged

Respectful Homage to Dr.  N. M. Ranka,
Sr. Advocate & President, AIFTP (2000-02)

Born at Beawar on 27th September 1933, Mr. Ranka completed his Graduation in Commerce in the year 1953 and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Law in the year 1955. He joined the Profession in 1953 and enrolled as a Pleader in 1956 and as an Advocate in 1962. He had been designated as a Senior Advocate in 1990.

He was a reputed Senior Advocate in the field of Tax Laws, a philanthropist and tax expert of national repute. He has been chairman or faculty of Brains Trust for more than 800 Tax conferences, seminars or workshops organized in different parts of India. He has contributed more than 500 articles and papers which have been published in various national tax journals. He has been felicitated by a large number of Tax Associations and other such bodies. He has been honoured with titles such as “AIFTP Man of the Millennium” by All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (AIFTP) and “Jain SewaRatna” by Shree Jain Sewa Sangh, Mumbai. He has been conferred the Degree of ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ Honoris Causa in recognition of his eminence and contributions in Legal Practices and Public Life by ‘JECRC University, Jaipur, on 5-1-2019.

He has co-authored the book, ‘Hindu Undivided Family & Taxation’. He has compiled (i) Glimpses of Gandhian Philosophy; (ii) N. A. Palkhivala Living Law Legend – Par Excellence; (iii) Vital Role of the Constitution in Women – Empowerment (in Hindi); (iv) Constitutional Perception of Fundamental Duties for free distribution (in English & Hindi) and (v) Glimpses of Gandhian Philosophy.

He was also the Chief Editor of the book, ‘Senior Advocates of Rajasthan – A Laudable Legacy’. He had co-authored and edited many tax books published by AIFTP of which he was the National President (2000-2002). He had also authored his biography with title “LAW PROFESSION : MY EXPERIENCES & EXPECTATIONS”. All books were widely and freely distributed all over India.

He was a patron and the past President of Rajasthan Tax Consultants’ Association and Jaipur Tax Consultants’ Association, President of Mansarovar Advocates Club Trust, Chairman of Ranka Public Charitable Trust and trustee or member of a large number of Charitable Trusts and Societies in educational and medical field. He was also a Secretary/Vice-President of Amar Jain Medical Relief Society for over 35 years and set up a Medical Hospital with all facilities.

He was a member of Supreme Court Bar Association, Bar Association of India, All Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants and many more professional associations. He had the life membership in Law Institute of India and had been conferred honourary membership of Direct Taxes Professionals’ Association, Kolkata and Rotary Club of Beawar.

He possessed all the qualities of a dignified and service oriented law professional. His contributions are meritorious. He served the ‘Society’ as well as ‘Humanity’. He was a Gandhian by philosophy; his trust has installed 37 marble statues of Father of the Nation apart from organizing ‘Ranka National Moot Court Competitions’ since 2011. AIFTP has distributed ‘Ranka Awards’ sponsored by Ranka Charitable Trust, to many professionals during various activities. He founded ‘Ritu Sharda Mandir Foundation’ for orphans. He had presented more than 3100 precious law books to Rajasthan University, Direct Tax Professional Association, Kolkata & others. He had also extensively travelled all over the globe.

He passed away on 30-5-2019.

From the Editorial Board

A Tribute

The Late Dr. N. M. Ranka, Sr. Advocate, a legend in the tax profession who followed the principles of Mahatma Gandhiji, was not only a role model for tax professionals but also good human being who possessed the humble attributes of humility, patience and respect for others.

Dr. N. M. Ranka, Senior Advocate, one of the tallest figures in the Tax Bar has left for his Heavenly Abode on 30-5-2019. My first memory of interaction with Dr. N. M. Ranka was in the year 1994 when Shri P. C. Joshi was elected as the President of the All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (AIFTP). Since then I had been closely associated with the late Dr. N. M. Ranka in various spheres under the umbrella of the AIFTP such as the educational activities, the Journal and various other publications of the AIFTP.

When Dr. N. M. Ranka was elected as the National President of the AIFTP, he insisted upon my nomination as the Dy. President of the AIFTP. In three years of his tenure as the President of the AIFTP, I had the pleasure of interacting closely with him and got acquainted with many of his admirable qualities.

In the year 2000, the AIFTP had arranged a National Convention at Jaipur. When we reached Jaipur to attend the conference, Dr. N. M. Ranka was personally present early in the morning to receive the delegates at the Railway Station. This is a reflection upon his simplicity and his humble nature. Dr. N. M. Ranka was a firm believer in spreading knowledge by arranging seminars and publications. Out of the 35 or more educational books published by the AIFTP, a lion’s share of the contribution can be credited to his academic inputs as well as his unwavering administrative support. Dr. N. M. Ranka was also the first person to guide us whenever the AIFTP embarked upon any endeavour of public interest through litigation or otherwise and the Federation has gained greatly through his experience and guidance.

The office premises of the AIFTP was acquired in the year 2001 in his tenure as president. Having its head office in the commercial capital in the heart of Mumbai has helped the AIFTP to be a forerunner in disseminating knowledge and education and the Federation today has more than 7,500 members from across the Country. Dr. N. M. Ranka was one of founders who had initiated the ITAT Bar Association’s Co-ordination Committee and pursued the National Executive of the AIFTP to adopt the code of ethics which is an integral part of the Constitution of the AIFTP, which was subsequently adopted by many leading professional organisations in India including the illustrious ITAT Bar Association, Mumbai.

Dr. N. M. Ranka started the ‘Ranka Trust Memorial Moot Court Competition’ in association with the Rajasthan University. Even today his legacy is preserved and flourishing in the form of the participation of more than a hundred law colleges from across the country, which is undoubtedly proving instrumental in the development of the legal profession. I have had the opportunity of attending one of the Moot Court competitions as a guest of honour and am proud to have contributed in that capacity to his vision.

Dr. N. M. Ranka has always persevered in his quest to spread knowledge and education. He always advised the members of AIFTP to arrange seminars and lectures in remote places of the Country so that even a tax practitioner who is practicing at taluka level can benefit and gain knowledge from the senior members of the tax profession and be well Equipped to deal with the complex situations. Dr. N. M. Ranka was actively involved with and connected to various educational institutions through which he actively participated in the process of grooming of the youth that will shape the destiny of this country. He was a person who not only preached simplicity but also followed the same. By donating his body to the hospital for the education of medical students, he has became immortal.

Dr. N. M. Ranka was a soft spoken person who could be very firm on his views when the issues related to values and ethics. His passion for propagation of learning is symbolised by his present to me of two marble idols of the goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning. I have kept one at home and another one at the office and offer the goddess my prayers every day in the morning. He was so involved in the development of our profession that he used to call me on an almost fortnightly basis to discuss about the activities of AIFTP and of the ITAT and its bar, etc.

It is very difficult to believe that Dr. N. M. Ranka is no more with us. It is a great loss to the tax profession and a personal loss to me as well. He was like an elder brother to me and a steadfast anchor who used to support all the educational and knowledge spreading activities of the AIFTP. Tax professionals across the country have paid a rich tribute to late Dr. N. M. Ranka, showing him tremendous love and respect.

In his ‘Vision to AIFTP’ in ‘40 years of Milestones and Beyond’ published in the year 2016, he wrote as under :—

       Gandhian Values : There is need to reiterate Gandhian values. We must translate his ideals into real life. Let us have an “Inner Revolution” and transform ourselves. Let each one of us, evolve ways and means whereby to change the work culture and mindset for public good and in public interest. What is required is : Unity of thoughts, unity of understanding and unity of action to achieve the goal as envisaged in the Constitution with due regard of DUTIES, dignity, liberty and humanity. Future is bright. Maintain its dignity, honour and reputation. Serve Humanity. JOIN IN SACRED CAUSE, BE CLEAN HUMAN BEING – “ INSAAN”. (Pg. 83)

       Last part of his vision was ‘Solemn Pledge’. “Life is a success. Not by prosperity, not by pleasure of the flesh, but by a clean soul, when death itself would be deliverance. Soul is immortal. Keep it pure. Let us pledge to be honourable members of the unique Federation. Spread it. Enhance its glory. Serve tax fraternity with Humanity. Service to distressed tax payers and tax practitioners is Service to Divinity. Be helpful to all members of the Federation and treat them as members of your expanded family. It would give you utmost satisfaction of life. Property may be destroyed and money may lose its purchasing power, but character, health, knowledge and good judgment will always be in demand under all conditions” (Pg. 90)

As a member of the AIFTP, a real Tribute to the Late Dr. N. M. Ranka, Sr. Advocate shall be to follow his vision and to continue his legacy of imparting both technical and ethical education.

       “We, as the members of the Federation mourn the sad demise of Dr. N. M. Ranka and express our heartfelt condolences to the members of his family. May his soul eternally rest in peace“.
Dr. K. Shivaram
Chairman, Editorial Board

Respectful Homage to Dr.  N. M. Ranka,

Sr. Advocate & President, AIFTP (2000-02)

I am extremely sorry to learn about the sad demise of Shri N. M. Ranka Saheb. My heartfelt condolences to the entire family. May the departed soul rest in peace.

— Justice R. M. Lodha, Former Chief Justice of India

Please accept our deepest condolences on the sad demise of your father. Though my association with him was extremely short yet it was very meaningful. His gentlemanly behaviour will always remain etched in my mind. I had the privilege of hearing him in a tax matter at Jodhpur immediately after taking oath. Having been told that he was a leading tax practitioner, I was obviously worried having practically no sufficient experience in tax matters. I distinctly remember how courteous he was to ensure that I was at ease. A very bold and appreciative succession taken by the family in furtherance of a person duly deserving for his memory to live on. May god give you and your family the courage to bear this irreparable loss.

— Justice Naveen Sinha, Judge, Supreme Court of India

Dear Brother : My heartfelt condolences to all of you on this bereavement a great Jurist, an Advocate of eminence is no more with us. May his soul rest in peace.

— Justice Deepak Verma, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India

I am very sorry to hear about the passing away of your beloved father. A colossal figure and an eminent member of the Bar, his loss is shared by all of us and members of the Bar.

Please accept heartfelt condolences on behalf of my colleagues and on my behalf. We pray that the almighty give you and members of your family the strength to bear this irreparable loss.

— Justice S. Ravindra Bhat, Chief Justice, Rajasthan High Court

Heartfelt Condolences. May his noble pious and simple soul rest in eternal peace. He was crusader of Moot Courts and installing Gandhi statues in courts all over the country. He was Palakhivala of Rajasthan. A great loss to our fraternity.

— Justice N. K. Jain, Former Chief Justice, Karnataka High Court and Madras High Court.
My heartfelt condolences on the loss of the great stalwart and legend in the legal world Shri N. M. Ranka Saheb.

— Sanjeev Prakash Sharma, Judge, Rajasthan High Court

We are deeply grieved to know about the sad demise of your beloved father Shri N. M. Rankasaheb. Our heartfelt condolences. May the departed soul rest in eternal peace.

— Justice Sangeet Lodha, Judge, Rajasthan High Court

Heartfelt Condolences on sudden and sad demise of Uncle Ranka Saheb. Ranka Saheb a Sr. Advocate was full of grace and dignity. He maintained highest traditions of legal profession and followed standards of ethics. An un-parallelled expert in Taxation laws. My sincere homage to the departed soul. I pray Almighty to grant eternal peace to noble soul and bestow courage and fortitude to you and all the members of Ranka family. Om Shanti.

— Justice P. K. Lohra, Judge, Rajasthan High Court

Deeply saddened to learn. He was a leading lawyer in tax law. Heartfelt condolences to bereaved, family and more particularly brother Justice J. K. Ranka Sb. Pray god that the departed pious soul rest in peace.

— Justice Sandeep Mehta, Judge, Rajasthan High Court

Very sorry to learn about the demise of your revered father Shriyut N. M. Ranka sahib, a Legend of Tax Bar of India. His contribution to legal fraternity can never be forgotten… We deeply condole the Demise & pray God to confer eternal peace to the departed noble soul… may all around him, specially the Family get enough courage to tide over the enormous loss… We will miss his smiling face and very soft demeanour forever…..

— Vineet Kothari, Judge, Madras High Court

Deeply shocked to know that doyen of the Bar, an ardent scholar, great philanthropist, genuine Gandhivadi and above all a Gentleman to the core is no more.

My heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Ranka, Justice J. K. Ranka& all family members. May God bestow eternal peace to noble soul.

— Justice V. S. Dave, Former Judge, Rajasthan High Court

Matter of sorrow to know the sad demise of Shri N. M. Ranka ji heartfelt condolences. I pray to almighty God to rest the departed soul in peace & give enough strength to all family members to bear this loss.

— Justice L. C. Bhadoo, Former Judge, Chhattisgarh High Court

Heartfelt condolences to brother Justice Ranka and his family. May God grant eternal peace to departed soul.
— Justice J. R. Goyal, Former Judge, Rajasthan High Court  

Saddened to learn. He was a leading lawyer in tax law. Heartfelt condolence to bereaved family. Pray god departed pious sole rest in peace.

— Justice N. N. Mathur, Former Judge, Rajasthan High Court

My heartfelt condolence to Justice Ranka and bereaved family on sad demise of legal doyen Shree N. M. Ranka Saheb, pioneer in tax consultancy. May Almighty bestow him with eternal peace and utter salvation.
— Justice Vijay Kumar Vyas, Former Judge, Rajasthan High Court

Our deepest condolences. We pray God for eternal peace to the departed noble soul. May God give strength to the bereaved family to bear the loss. NamoArihantanam

— Justice Tated and family, Mumbai 

Shree Ranka ji had always considered his primary duty and responsibility to cultivate fairness in his clients.  He would always be fair in all his renditions with his clients.  Every statement advanced before a Bench would be factually correct. He would always explain the facts to the bench and would carry the bench to appreciative level.  Bench will shed prejudices on hearing his statements.  He always made clear efforts to explain the facts as it happened and thus leaving no doubt therein. He would explain each and every doubt that Bench may raise up in a pleasing constant tone and emotions were never there. He believed and practiced that roots make the tree. 

My wife Jayanthi, daughter Balambika and son Jairam join me in expressing our respects to the great soul.

— A. Kalyanasundharam, Former Senior Vice President, ITAT

Very sad to hear about great Ranka Ji. He was a very pious soul. Pray to God that his soul rests in peace. God will give you and your family strength to bear this great loss.

— Hari Om Maratha, Ex-Member, ITAT

Shocked to know about this sad news. I am indeed nostalgic about the time during 1988 to 1990 when I was Sr. DR at the ITAT Jaipur and almost daily I had to argue case with Shri Ranka as an adversary. During those days he was at the pinnacle of his professional career and he left an indelible impression as a bold and efficient advocate who commanded respect of the Bench. You may be aware that my association with Respected Ranka Saheb started from 1975 when I came to Jaipur as ITO CC and again as Sr. DR and I have learnt a lot from him about the art and science of effectively presenting a case before the Bench. I always held him in high regards. His passing away is a tremendous loss for the family and l send my heartfelt condolences. Thanks for updating. He was undisputedly a great and noble person and has set an example to be emulated by all.

— K. K. Boliya, Former Member, ITAT

On 31st May, 2019 I was shocked to learn about the sudden departure of my near and dear Rankaji to Heavenly Abode.

Shri N. M. Ranka, was personification of truth, non-violence, non-possessiveness, compassion and broad mindedness.

He was the follower of Gandhian Principles in his day-to-day life. He installed statues of the Father of the nation, in the courtyards of several High Courts in the Country, which continue to inspire younger generation for all time to come.

He regularly encouraged young law students by organising annual Ranka National Moot Court Competitions for Five Year Law Course students.  He was actively associated with several Charitable Trusts as well as social organisations.

My relation with him date back to 1981 when as a Secretary General of AIFTP, I visited Jaipur and successfully organised the convention with his active help. Since then we became so close to each other that we used to exchange our views on all problems faced in life. I have lost a personal elder brother and a great irreparable loss to AIFTP. The void so created cannot be filled up. Destiny has suddenly snatched away such a great gentle human being.

I am sure his advice, views and learning will continue to guide all of us in future.


I had the privilege of my paying personal homage by attending the condolence meeting on 2nd June, 2019 at Jaipur along with my friend Dr. K. Shivaram and Mrs. Nikita Badheka.

— P. C. Joshi, Past President, AIFTP

I was saddened to know that Dr. N. M. Ranka Saheb, Sr. Advocate has gone to his Heavenly Abode on 30th May, 2019. He was a very learned, sober & simple man and having in-depth knowledge particularly of tax laws. He spread the message of Federation – "Ethics, Education & Excellence" all over India. He will always be remembered for his services rendered to the Federation as a Lifetime Member of the Federation. He was a man who will be remembered by the tax fraternity for the years together because of his qualities of firm determination, humbleness and promoting young generation in the field of law.

At the time when he was National President of AIFTP, I worked as Secretary General of the Federation with him for the term 2000-2002 and became more aware of his activities of the All India Federation of Tax Practitioners. He selflessly promoted the Federation and served the tax fraternity. The Federation has lost a sincere, devoted, dedicated, determined, courteous member, who promoted and spread the Federation all over the country. The Federation, AIFTP shall never forget him and his name would be stamped in golden words in the history of the AIFTP for his dynamic leadership and spreading the light of AIFTP. He also introduced Awards in the Federation from Ranka Charitable Trust which are continuing till now. He will be remembered for organizing Moot Court Competitions with Law Colleges & Universities for young upcoming law students for making their future better.

In this critical hour of grief, I express my heart-felt condolences and pray to the Almighty to give peace to the departed soul and strength to the members of the bereaved family. We hope that his son Justice J. K. Ranka and other family members will follow the path paved by him, support the activities of the Federation and glorify his name.

— M. L. Patodi, Past President, AIFTP

Dr. N. M. Ranka the scion of the All India Federation of Tax Practitioners, was the guiding force behind the functioning of the AIFTP.

He was like an elder brother to me and whenever I used to call him for any guidance, he was always willing to help and support

He has been an Advocate par excellence in the matters of Direct Taxes and he was well respected in the fraternity and also among the judges, a very learned and knowledgeable person who had authored books on Direct Taxes and got various articles published on various topics.

He was also a philanthropist, who was spiritually inclined and advocated the path of dharma and peaceful non violent living. He not only encouraged the satvik way of life and also practiced what he preached.

He was a caring husband and an affectionate father who brought up his children with dedication and discipline.

I bow down to Late Dr. N. M. Rankaji and pray to God that his soul rest in peace.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

— J. D. Nankani, Past President, AIFTP

The unprecedented demise of Sr. Advocate of Rajasthan High Court from Jaipur Dr. N. M. Ranka is an unrecoverable blow to the members of AIFTP Family and at the same time it’s a loss of a legend to the legal fraternity. He was a great and glorious leader of national repute who commandeered great respect as well earned inexpressible amount of love and affection from one and all. As I used to confide with some of my close friends in him have been seeing the real virtues and qualities of Gandhi especially in times of the growth and March of the Federation. He was always outspoken on every issue with no compromise. He stood firm for his values. A great loss that cannot be compensated. I convey my deepest heartfelt condolences to the members of the bereaved family. Apart from the family I am also individually a bereaved friend.
— Dr. M. V. K. Moorthy, Past President, AIFTP

A Tribute to the pillar of Federation Dr. N. M. Ranka Ji

My introduction with Dr. Ranka Ji was on the platform of All India Federation of Tax Practitioners. I found a very distinct personality in him, very calm and cool but clear in his thoughts. His speech was so influensive that he used to fascinate others.

With the passage of time, I saw in him the image of “True Gandhian”. He was a follower of Gandhi Ji by “cevemee, Je®eveeDeewjkeÀce&Cee” (by soul, to mind and by deeds). He always used to say that follow the ideals of Gandhi Ji and dedicate yourself towards the Federation, the Society and ultimately the Nation. He was vegetarian and non-alcoholic and always pressed others to be the same.

His contribution to AIFTP is commendable, it was a difficult task to bring the Advocates, CAs and Tax Professionals on one platform, to co-ordinate and to work for a common cause.

He used to give importance to unity of thoughts, unity of understanding and unity of action to achieve the goals with due regards to the duties. He used to preach that you will be tested by your deeds and therefore, lead a life full of duties.

His sudden demise has created a vacuum in the Federation. Not only his family has been shocked but the Federation has also become orphan.

Today Ranka Ji is not amidst us but his ideals, his values, his principles are with us which will guide to achieve the goals and to bring the Federation to greater heights of his dreams.

May the departed soul rest in peace. We pray Almighty to give strength to us, to the Federation and to the members of his family to bear this irreparable loss.

— Prem Lata Bansal, Past President, AIFTP

Our beloved fatherly figure and strongest pillar of AIFTP in India particularly in Rajasthan has passed away leaving all of us in grief.

It is a great loss to the fraternity, AIFTP and personally to me. I was fortunate to receive his love and affection and guidance, he was instrumental in guiding me to establish M.P. Tax Consultants Association and organising first ever all India Tax Conference at Jabalpur in the year 1995.

Dr. Rankaji had been a great source of inspiration for all of us in each and every aspect of profession and application of low. He had been regularly guiding the fraternity by his articles in various journals, his own publications and deliberation during the conferences as Chairman on papers of particular aspects of the Act

It is difficult to fill the vacuum created due to passing away of Ranka Saheb. The Jabalpur Tax Bar Association had also organised a condolence meeting at Jabalpur to express condolence of Jabalpur Tax Bar.

I pray almighty God to grant eternal peace to the departed soul and strength to the family and all of us to bear the irreparable loss.

— Ganesh Purohit, Past President, AIFTP

I had the privilege of interacting on several occasions with Dr. N. M. Ranka in Mumbai and Jaipur when one of us visited the normal place of residence of the other. We had extremely fruitful discussions on subjects not only of professional but general interest. In addition, we often bumped into each other on various professional occasions at different places.

He was always calm, unruffled and conscientious with a creative approach for tackling legal and other problems arising in life. He had a strong sense of legal ethics and of ethics in everyday living. He took very keen interest in professional matters. I am personally aware of the quickness and regularity with which he would react most appropriately to articles and issues which came to his notice. Despite his very busy professional practice, he found time to write several articles and authored many educative books. He was a constant and easily approachable guide and mentor to several individuals and various associations and institutions which he nurtured with great success.

He has left a rich, admirable and enviable legacy for all of us to pursue.

— Soli E. Dastur, Sr. Advocate, Mumbai

The sad demise of Dr. N. M. Ranka is a great blow to All India Federation of Tax Practitioners. He was the heart and soul of the institution and his close association with the institute will be long remembered. He was at the fore front of all the activities of the institute and wrote several articles in the institute journal which showed his great scholastic ability and love for the subject. It is difficult to imagine our refresher courses without his presence and he will be missed by each and everyone in the Federation. The legal profession is poorer by his untimely departure.

— Dr. Y. P. Trivedi, Sr. Advocate & Former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

Dr. N. M. Ranka, a Senior Advocate and Past President of All India Federation of Tax Practitioners, has left for his heavenly abode on 30th May, 2019. He was a practicing lawyer for the last over six decades. He was a friend, philosopher and guide for all professionals associated with AIFTP, Rajasthan Tax Consultants Association and other similar bodies.

He was recognized as "AIFTP Man of the Millennium". He was an inspiration to all young and senior professionals. He has contributed more than 300 Articles and Papers in various Seminars, Conferences, Residential courses and Journals. His Articles on various subjects were exhaustive and thought provoking.

There is no Tax Seminar or conference organized by AIFTP in which he was not present. He enlightened the participants of all such Seminars· and Conferences in his capacity as either Chairman. Paper Writer or Trustee of the Brains’ Trust. He had traveled extensively all over the globe and participated in various conferences world over.

Besides his professional career as a Senior Advocate, he was a Philanthropist. As Chairman of Ranka Public Charitable Trust, he sponsored Ranka Best Tax Seminar Trophy and Awards as well as Ranka Best Management Student Trophy and Award. He was associated with various Charitable Trusts such as Jaipur Rural Health and Development Trust, Shri Amar Jain Medical Relief Society, Social Security Foundation, Ritu Sharda Mandir Foundation and other Public Trusts as a Trustee or Chairman. He was awarded ‘SAMAJ GAURAV" for taking active interest in the unity of Jains.

We all professional brothers and Sisters pay our respectful homage to this stalwart in our profession. We shall always feel his absence. We all pray that this noble soul may rest in peace.

— CA. P. N. Shah, Past President, ICAI

Dr. N. M. Ranka not only initiated me to join legal practice and All India Federation of Tax Practitioners after my retirement in 1999, but also sort to inculcate in me the values of a model professional.

Father is God’s precious gift and it is very very painful to lose it. But, I have to go before the will of almighty.

— Shri S. R. Wadhwa, Former Chairman, Income Tax Settlement Commission

Please accept my sincere condolences at the passing away of N. M. Ranka sahib. He was a towering personality who left his indelible imprint both in the profession and in community. For the family is a grief which, perhaps, time alone may reduce, but a void that would be difficult to fill. May his soul Rest in Peace and he continue to guide you all. I am out of Jaipur and will be back only in mid-June. So please excuse my not being there to personally to be with you. Regards.

— Satish Mehta, Indian Foreign Service Former Ambassador

With deep sense of grief, I on behalf of School Law, MUJ, convey my heartfelt condolences on the said demise of your beloved father, Advocate Shri N. M. Ranka Saheb (as we fondly called) was a hardcore Gandhian and very kind hearted person. He was a renowned advocate, true professional, visionary leader and famous philanthropist.

His departure is a great loss personally for me as I have been associated with him for a decade or so and with his initiatives &vision we could jointly organize a number of moot courts / events. He will be remembered for several decades for his noble deeds.

I pray the Almighty for his soul to rest in eternal peace and grant strength and courage to you and the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

In bereavement.

— Dr. Mridul Srivastava, Dean Faculty of Arts & Law, Manipal University, Jaipur

Late Shri Ranka sahib was not only a notable jurist, but was also a large hearted philanthropic personality. His association with various organizations like Bar Association, Amar Jain Medical Relief Society, S. S. Jain Subodh Samiti, etc. will always be remembered.

The family of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya pray that almighty God grant peace to the noble soul.

Please accept our deepest condolence & prayers.

— Rani Vidya Devi, Chairperson &Vikramaditya, Secretary,
Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya

We pray the Almighty to give peace to the departed soul and enough strength to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

May His Soul Rest in Peace. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

— S. L. Agrawal, Registrar, JECRC University, Jaipur

Late Shri N. M. Ranka Ji was like a fatherly figure for our association and had been guiding us since many years. All the members of Direct Tax Professional Association are saddened by this loss, and will miss his words of wisdom and inspiration.

We know first hand how profound a loss it is when you realize that he will no longer be there for all the events in your life. We can tell you though that the very best way to mark his passing is by filling your mind with all of the wonderful memories you have of happier times.

— CA. Vikash Parakh, President, Direct Taxes Professionals’ Association

The Trustees of the Rajasthan Education Trust resolve to express their heart-felt condolences on sad and sudden demise of Shri N. M. Ranka S/o Late Shri Moti Lal Ji Ranka Sr. Advocate, Rajasthan, Tax consultant and a philanthropist, on 30-05-2019 who was associated with this Trust since its creation. His contribution to the growth of the Trust shall always be remembered.

— Justice (Retd.) V. S. Dave, Trustee, Rajasthan Education Trust

Acknowledgment From Ranka Family

On behalf of all the members of Ranka family, we thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for your well wishes, blessings and condolences. We are truly overwhelmed with the support we have received, giving us comfort and peace through this difficult time.

Our beloved and most respected Dr. N. M. Ranka Sb. served society in an utmost dedicated, devoted and honest manner. Reflecting upon his life, we recognize that his philosophy was one that revolved primarily around contribution to society, as he believed that it was his duty to give back to the community that had given so much to him. He shaped the lives of countless youth, students and extended his support to young lawyers and Chartered Accountants; imbibing values of integrity, authenticity and simplicity. Serving the needy and uplifting the downtrodden was a crucial part of his legacy.

Although a great void has been created with his passing, we assure you that we, his future generations, will carry on his legacy. We will miss him dearly, but aspire to honour him by continuing his work. The organization of several Moot Courts, scholarships, educational programs alongside the establishment of statues of Mahatma Gandhi (Father of the Nation) will continue with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Lets pray the departed soul rest in eternal peace, solace and may Lord give him appropriate place in his laps.

We appreciate your warmth and continuous blessing.

Thank you.

With Regards,

(J. K. Ranka)

Reproduced with permission from the AIFTP Journal

One comment on “Respectful Homage to Dr. N. M. Ranka, Sr. Advocate & President, AIFTP (2000-02)
  1. Padmaavathi Devanathan says:

    A simple loving pious great soul . He was pile foundation AIFTP
    Lets pray the departed soul rest in eternal peace, solace and may Lord give him appropriate place in his laps

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