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Transfers Of Hon’ble Members Of The ITAT (May 2014)

Vide Orders dated 29.05.2014 passed pursuant to consultations with the collegium of the ITAT constituting the President and two senior-most Vice Presidents available, the Hon’ble President has transferred 10 Members of the Tribunal in public interest. While the transfer in the case of Shri. Jagtap is with effect from 04.08.2014, the other transfers are with immediate effect.

No. Name of Hon’ble Member Presently At Posted To
1. Shri. R. P. Tolani (JM) Delhi Jaipur
2. Shri. H. S. Sidhu (JM) Amritsar Delhi
3. Shri. A. D. Jain (JM) Delhi Amritsar
4. Shri. Rajpal Yadav (JM) Delhi Bangalore
5. Shri. Chandra Poojari (AM) Hyderabad Cochin
6. Shri. Shamim Yahya (AM) Delhi Kolkata
7. Shri. George George K. (AM) Bangalore Delhi
8. Shri. B. R. Baskaran (AM) Cochin Mumbai
9. Shri. T. R. Meena (AM) Ahmedabad Jaipur
10. Shri. P. M. Jagtap (AM) Mumbai Hyderabad

We wish the Hon’ble Members good luck in their new postings.

2 comments on “Transfers Of Hon’ble Members Of The ITAT (May 2014)
  1. any relationship with workload or any other reason is a question before appellants rather than Revenue side!

  2. how transfers are planned!

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