151 Land Mark Judgements Of The Supreme Court – Download PDF

The AIFTP and other leading professional organizations have issued a publication containing 151 land Mark judgements of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The judgements cover Direct taxes, Indirect taxes and Allied laws. A pdf copy of the publication is available for download

Release of the publication.

The All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (AIFTP) (North Zone) in association withU.P Tax Bar Association, Tax Bar Association Jammu, Punjab Tax Bar Association, Tax Bar Association of Uttarakhand, Himachal Tax Bar Association have organized two daysVirtual Conference on the 2ndand 3rd October, 2020. The Theme of the Conference is “Challenges to the Tax Professionals Post COVID – 19”.

The Chief Guest of the Inaugural session was Hon’ble Justice Mr. Rajesh Bindal, Judge Jammu and Kashmir High Court, Guest of honurs were Hon’ble Justice Mr. Ujjal Bhuyan, Judge Bombay High Court, Hon’ble Justice Dr. Anita Sumnath, Madras High Court, Hon’ble Justice Mr. Kalyan Rai Surana, Gauhati High Court, Justice Hon’ble Justice Mr. Piyush Agrawal, Allhabad High Court, Hon’ble Mr Justice, Mr. Soumitra Saika, Gauhati High Court. More than 3500 delegates were participated in the virtual conference.  Hon’ble Justice Mr Rajesh Bindal Judge Jammu and Kashmir High Court released the publication of AIFTP titled,“151 – land Mark judgements of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India (Direct taxes, Indirect taxes and Allied laws) – 151 years of Mahatma Gandhi”

One of the objects of the AIFTP is promoting education of the Tax Practitioners and our Citizens by regular publications. AIFTP has published more than 41 publications to its name. Today’s publication is titled “151 – land Mark judgements of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India (Direct taxes, Indirect taxes and Allied laws) – 151 years of Mahatma Gandhi”

This publication is a prestigious and important publication of the AIFTP for two reasons.

Firstly,2nd October it is the auspicious occasion of 151st birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest human beings in history, it is on occasion for all of us to salute the great soul.

Secondly,it is released by My lord Justice Mr. Rajesh Bindal, in the presence of Hon’ble judges who were members of the AIFTP before elevation and are all currently sitting judges of various Hon’ble High Courts, who were practicing on tax law.

The Young research team consisting of 27 members who regularly appear before the Appellate Tribunal and High Court have digested 101 land mark cases on direct taxes, 25 cases on Indirect taxes and 25 cases on Allied laws. The Editorial team of 13 members have shared their experience for editing and writing editorial to all the case laws.

This publication is dedicated in Honour of Late Justice Dr. B. P. Saraf, former Chief Justice of the Hon’ble High Court of Jammu and Kashmir.

The publication has reproduced the speech of our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, on the occasion of 150 Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at UN on September 25, 2019 which discusses “the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in the current era”.

The Hon’ble Judges have provided their valuable messages and wisdom

Hon’ble MrJustice Rajesh Bindal, Quote:

“The present books is not a kind of a newspaper but would be an asset to keep in one’s library as important judgements of Supreme Court are always useful. One comes to know about the growth of law on a subject from the basics”

Hon’ble Justice Mr. Ujjal Bhuyan, Quote:

“During his 20 years of practice as a lawyer, Mahatma Gandhi was a strong notary of settlement culture which he believed is the true practice of law which has become more relevant in today’s context”

Hon’ble Justice Mr Nitin M Jamdar, Quote:

“In modern India, the taxes have supported several social welfare schemes transforming lives of millions of unprivileged citizens. Tax and justice thus share a unique relationship”

Hon’ble Justice Dr. Anita Sumnath, Quote:

The world faces a conundrum today, what with the challenges and restrictions posed by onset and relentless spread of Corona virus, and never has it been more relevant now, to reiterate Gandhian principles: unstained integrity a sense of comity and universal fellowship, in law as in life”

Hon’ble President of the Income tax Appellate Tribunal Justice P.P. Bhatt, Quote:

“This book shall also be a great help to the tax professionals”

Hon’ble President of the Maharashtra Sales Tax Tribunal Shri Prakash S. Mali. Quote:

“Significant work of selection of land mark judgements which will be beneficial to all tax professionals, tax payers and judicial fraternity; particularly in taxation laws”

Hon’ble Justice Mr S. C. Dharmadhikari in the foreword explained the importance of the Judgements of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, two lines from his message are reproduced: “This publication will go a long way in re-enforcing the belief that if one stands for truth and justice then it is impossible to ignore Gandhi.”

A detailed section-wise index with name of the case laws is prepared, it will also help readers for a quick reference. All the land mark judgements digested in this publication is relevant today and will be relevant in the future. Indirect tax case laws digested are will be a great aid to the understanding & development of GST law.

Each case has an editorial, this is a value addition and will immensely benefit the readers.

After each case law one quote of Bapuji is added which will serve as an inspiration.

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  2. R.D. Kakra Advocate kolkata says:

    Valued publication

  3. D.R .Shah CA says:

    Heartily congratulations , sir , great efforts you have taken . It will be very useful book it is like a Ready Reckoner . Whole team deserved congratulations .

  4. Bhaskar B .Patel Advocate Chairman AIFTP WZ (Varodara) says:

    The book will guide us in our day to day practice and future endeavours

  5. P.M.Chopra Advocate Jaipur says:

    Shivaram sir, excellent publication, really you are professional assets for association ,we always remember your tenure

  6. Gouri Chandani Popat Advoacte Ahamadbad says:

    Excellent compilation of the 151 land mark judgments of the honourable Supreme Court of India.
    Thanks to Dr.k .Shivaram sir and Team AIFTP

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    The compilation is excellent in all respect

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    The compilation is very excellent in all respect

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    Compilation is excellent in all respect . Book will guide us in our day to day practice and future endeavours. Thanks and congratulation to all entire team for publication of the book

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    The compilation is excellent in all respect
    Thank you
    Dr .k.Shivram sir and Team AIFTP

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    Excellent compilation by team lead by Shivram Sir. Heartening to see members pour their energies in to something that is beneficial to all members . Thank you sir

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    Sir excellent publication

  13. D V Pathy says:

    A laudable effort!
    Must print also..

  14. J .Narasimhan chartered Accountant Chennai says:

    Dear Sir, excited about the publication, it is quite voluminous ……enormous effort should have gone in to its compilation . I want it as part of my library ……what is its price and how should I make the payment .

  15. Yogesh Rege CA member of AIFTP says:

    Great work of the AIFTP as a tribute to the father of the nation and also educating the tax professionals by digesting 151 land mark of the Supreme Court Which will be immense help to the tax consultants , tax administration as well as tax payers

  16. Akash Hegde Advoacte says:

    One of the very good publication of the AIFTP very useful to lawyers , CAs and also law students

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