Change In Constitution Of Bombay High Court’s Tax Bench w.e.f. 03.03.2014

The Hon’ble Shri Justice S. J. VAZIFDAR


The Hon’ble Shri Justice B. P. COLABAWALLA

(Court Room No.6 )

For admission, final hearing and order matters therein :­

(A) Writ Petitions, Appeals, references and applications in Maharashtra VAT, Sales Tax, Foreign Trade (Regulation and Development)Act,1992 including FERA, FEMA,

(B) Writ Petitions against:

(i)  interim orders of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal,

(ii)  interim orders of the C.I.T. (Appeals),

(iii) orders under Sections 127, 147­148 and 220 of the Income Tax Act, 1961,

(C) Chartered Accountants Appeals and References for hearing and final disposal,

(D) Writ Petitions against orders of Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal,

(E) All Original Side Appeals filed up to 28 February 2014.

The Hon’ble Shri Justice


The Hon’ble Shri Justice

(Court Room No. 31 )

For admission, final hearing and order matters therein :­

(A) Tax Appeals, References and Applications in direct tax
matters and indirect tax matters under Central Acts,

(B) Writ Petitions in indirect  tax matters under the Central Acts
(Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax)



Note: Writ Petitions in direct tax matters not assigned to Court No.2 (i.e. Vajifdar & Colabawalla JJ) will be dealt with by the Hon’ble Chief Justice and M. S. Sanklecha JJ (e.g. Writ Petitions against s. 264 orders, transfer pricing orders, Settlement Commission orders etc).

4 comments on “Change In Constitution Of Bombay High Court’s Tax Bench w.e.f. 03.03.2014
  1. Arvind shah says:

    The cit (a) order viz a viz ita t order against cit appeal of. Last five years,should be reviewed independently by some commitee comprised by retired two or three judges and critical analysis be reported publicly ,to judge the integrity and judicial approach of cit appeal

  2. Anuradha says:

    Well said sir
    The same applies to regular CITs/CCITs who authorise infrucmtious appeals to ITAT/HC

  3. My one submission. That hon HC has to conduct tests to CIT(A) AS TO THEIR U understanding of income Tax Act 1961, as amended by virtue of various High courts and by hon SC as SC decisions are falling under Art 141 to be religiously followed by Appellate commissioners, besides, all of these appellate commissioners need to correctly know what is Natural Justice ;

    Besides theyse worthies should fully properly appreciate Art 14 of Constitution of India, as we see to our consternation the Ministry of finance,Govt of India has not bothered so far to train these worthies by their suitable training programs. that means govt wasted tax payers moneys;

    Also wasted unnecessarily legal expenses f assesses as also revenue by these worthies great ‘legal knowledge’; also unnecessarily wasted government executive time in meaningless bouts of cases in courts and tribunals when the legal time utility is getting wasted, when courts really do not have any time to attend many urgent cases and this situation is ,unnecessarily is affecting citizens’ precious time at courts portals again and again irrelevantly.

    Fact is India all said and done is indeed a poor country and it should conserve the precious time and money;

    Also, hon high court can recommend removals of officers of revenue who do not natch the legal knowledge requirement to adore the appellate chairs in CITs(Appeals), as also if AOs misused their legal assessment offices they also may be recommended for removal to see the Revenue works sensibly as it is a public office unlike Ministers or legislators in governments both in central ore states.

    that will give some meaningful tax administration, tax payers pay taxes not for the services what Revenue rendered directly to them

    incidentally uncontrolled Revenue administration is itself can be classified as greatest state corruption, is y view!

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