Retirement of Hon’ble President of ITAT

Hon’ble Shri. Vimal Gandhi, President of the Tribunal retired today, 3rd June 2010. Shri. Gandhi practiced as an Advocate from 1970 to 1985 and joined the Tribunal as a Judicial Member on 16.9.1985. He served as Vice President from 6.8.1997 to 30.10.2003 and was appointed President on 31.10.2003. He served as President for six years and seven months. When Mr. Gandhi was appointed President, the pendency of matters in the Tribunal was 180,666 and this has been brought down to 47,000 as on 1.4.2010. Mr. Gandhi started the system of refresher course for the Members of the ITAT. He was also instrumental in allotting the library premises to the Bar Association, Mumbai. Mr. Gandhi represented the Tribunal at national and international seminars of repute including at the United Nations where he made a presentation of successful practices at the ITAT. He also formulated, for the benefit of Members, a Code of Conduct and broad guidelines on how judgements should be written.

Mr. Gandhi has been party to several landmark judgements such as Wallfort Shares & Stock Brokers 96 ITD 1 (Mum) (SB), Aztec Software 107 ITD 141 (Bang) (SB) and Hindustan Mint 119 ITD 107 (Del) (SB) among others.

We wish the Hon’ble President good luck in his future endeavours.

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