Transfer of Hon’ble Members (March 2010)

In pursuance of the consultations of the collegium of the I.T.A.T consisting of the President and two senior-most Vice Presidents, the following Members of the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal have been transferred, in public interest, in the same capacity, to the Bench(es) of the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal as shown against their names, with effect from the forenoon of 05.04.2010

  Name & Designation
of  the Member
Bench(es) where
posted at present
Bench(es) to
which transferred
1. Shri R.K. Gupta
Judicial Member
Mumbai Jaipur
2 Shri K.K. Gupta
Accountant Member
Bangalore Cuttack
3 Shri Shailendra Kumar Yadav
Judicial Member
Bangalore Pune
4 Smt. P. Madhavi
Judicial Member
Mumbai Bangalore
5 Shri Mukul Shrawat
Judicial Member
Pune Ahmedabad
6 Shri Vijay Pal Rao
Judicial Member
Chennai Mumbai
7 Shri George Mathan
Judicial Member
Delhi Chennai

We wish all Hon’ble Members good luck in their new postings.

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