Transfers And Postings Of Assistant/ Deputy CITs (Mumbai)

Vide Order No. 1 dated 18.06.2013 the Chief Commissioner of Income-tax, Mumbai, has ordered the transfer and posting of 148 officers in the grade of Assistant/ Deputy Commissioners of Income-tax (Mumbai Region) with immediate effect.

3 comments on “Transfers And Postings Of Assistant/ Deputy CITs (Mumbai)
  1. Annual general transfers have to be made atleast before the end of April itself. Dragging these orders to June and sometimes beyond creates several problems to the transferees, especially for those who are transferred to outstations. They find it difficult to get alternative accommodation, and have to face terrible problems for getting admission for children in schools / colleges. And further, with all the relevant data now available in the computer system itself, why this delay, giving scope for wire-pulling for good seats, better seats, and so on.

  2. transfers improve vitality of any department so it is some kind of rotation management, else docility settles sir, please happily accept transfers after all you are all public servants and vice versa!

  3. u need periodical transfers that keeps one really active !

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